Fantasy Faire 2013 – Back To The Arcanum

Arcanum Main Store

Oh ho ho it’s magic, you know, never believe it’s not so. I’m back at The Arcanum but this time at the main store where if you have sound effects on you can hear the thunder and rain as you approach the impressive magical building. Inside you’ll see the ghostly piano and hear that someone or something is tinkling the ivories to help create a magical ambience.

The Arcanum is owned by the wizardly Mr Zachh Barkley who has been answering some of my questions regarding his participation as a creator at Fantasy Faire 2013, but as Fantasy Faire is unfortunately drawing to a close, I’ve retreated to his main store, which is a beautifully impressive photogenic setting, Marcus Inkpen has his hand in that too.

Arcanum Wizard Statue

I’ve been participating in Fantasy Faire since 2009.” Zachh casually tells me, wait a minute, this is the fifth Fantasy Faire, which means Zachh has been participating in all of them!

Arcanum Magic Orb

When I ask Zachh what he has enjoyed most about Fantasy Faire, he tells me: “The sense of community and coming together for a great cause.” This has been exemplifed by the fact that this year’s Fantasy Faire has been a record breaking affair with 6,870,027 Linden Dollars raised for Relay For Life by yesterday and it’s not quite finished yet. Over the years Fantasy Faire has raised close to USD$100,000 for Relay For Life.

Zachh Barkley

There’s some impressive artwork in the build and this includes the above Wizardly shape of Zachh Barkley himself. Zachh has been displaying his wares at The Dragonspire sim at this years Fantasy Faire and he has been impressed with the build, when I ask him which sim was his favourite he answers “Naturally, I have to go with the Dragonspire sim, it’s cavernous feel is so unique. 🙂

Arcanum Items

Within the main store you’ll find orbs, staffs, wands, spell books and wizard hats amongst other things. Zachh tells me that he has released limited edition Wizard/Witch hats exclusively for Fantasy Faire/RFL 2013. Zachh has also released items for The Key Of Hope Hunt as well as attending some of the jail and bail events.

Inside The Arcanum

When I ask Zachh if he would participate in Fantasy Faire again he doesn’t hesitate : “Of course!” Then I ask Zachh what advice he would give to anyone who was considering participating in Fantasy Faire : “Bring lots of money, there are so many awesome shops to peruse through.

We end the interview and I walk back down the impressive steps of the build, I can’t help feeling someone or something is watching me, it’s all in the ambience I tell myself, or is it?

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