Fantasy Faire 2017 Is Now Open!


The wait is over, Fantasy Faire 2017 in Second Life officially opened its gates today, and mighty fine gates they are too!

This is the ninth year of Fantasy Faire in Second Life and as well as being a wonderfully fantastic event it is also part of the Relay For Life fundraising efforts in Second Life to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Dawn's Promise River View

This year’s Fantasy Faire consists of 15 regions and the wonderful Sonya Marmurek has published a Welcome To The Fairelands blog post to give you a brief guide to the regions and more importantly, the SLURLs.

Chaddul Ro Fortress

On the other hand, if you’re the sort of person who likes to explore and discover on your own without a brief guide, then I’ll suggest that you just make your way to Fairelands Junction, which is the main landing point from where you can get everywhere else.

SLURL To Fairelands Junction :

Mudrana Frog

The regions differ in terms of style and terrain, there’s quite a mixture, from dark gothic designs to lilypad and giant frog designs.

The mixture of different styles makes for a pleasant experience.

Raven's Perch Buildings

A word of warning though, Fantasy Faire 2017 has just opened, this means it’s likely to be busy, this means you may want to change your default view settings, turn down the draw settings, or even lower your graphics capabilities for the opening day or two.

Please also take note of your own avatar complexity in these early days to try and ensure you have an enjoyable experience.

Statue at Spirit Pool

Enough of this, I hear you say, where are the events? What’s happening? Where can I party like its 1499?

Well there is a Faire Happenings blog post by Sonya Marmurek which lists some of the events taking place today or tomorrow.

Sonya’s posts details region tours, storytelling, DJs, poetry, roleplaying and more.

The Hill Buildings

Alternatively, for a full list of events, visit the Fantasy Faire 2017 calendar page.

Now I’m off to find somewhere to lodge for the next ten or eleven days.

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