Fantasy Faire 2017 Takes A Look At The Sponsors

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Fantasy Faire 2017 is just two days away and Sonya Marmurek has been busily publishing a number of posts in which she speaks to sponsors of the event.


These posts are very interesting because they give you an idea of the wide and varied designs and use cases of Second Life in terms of Fantasy, the obvious ones such as roleplaying, skins and building and then use cases you may not initially associate because they go beyond Fantasy, such as animations and dances.

MacMoragh an Gabha

These posts also give some fascinating insights into the people behind the avatar in Second Life, which is always an area I find interesting.

A Dark Unicorn

These posts also provide links and locations for you to go and see some of the weird, wonderful and fantastical builds that already exist in Second Life, so they are definitely well worth paying attention to.

Sea Creatures


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