Dispatches From The Snowball Warzone – A Snowball Fight With The Lindens

Ready To Rumble

They came from all corners of Second Life, the young, the old, the weak and Strawberry Singh! They split into teams, some residents backing The Lindens. Xiola Linden purred and recruited.


Uccello Poultry not far from her side aiding the recruitment drive.

Uccello Poultry

Meanwhile Vitae Linden was aided and abetted by Pygar Bu as they prepared for battle.

Vitae Linden & PugarBu

The Lindens were out in force and looking very menacing, big guns and little guns were on display.

Keira Linden looked like she meant business.

Keira Linden

Guy Linden looked confused.

Guy Linden

Then some scary blue letters appeared in the shape and form of Govern, blue letters indicating a Linden or a Mole was on the way … the cry went up :

What’s that coming over the hill, is it The Governor, is it The Governor? 

The sense of foreboding could be felt and then there was an audible sigh of relief as people realised Governor Linden was not participating, it was instead Governance3 Linden.

Governance3 Linden

Nobody is sure about the whereabouts of Governance1 or Governance2 Linden. Then they were off, snowballs were being fired indiscriminately, Loki Eliot flew through the air.

Loki Eliot

Strawberry Singh was, as expected, cool as a cucumber.

Strawberry Singh

When I later politely asked if she had returned unwounded and safe, she told me :

OMG! You were there??? Dammit, I didn’t see you or I would have killed you with my gun! 😛

Me? An innocent war correspondent who is just reporting the facts and stands not much higher than her knee? I was shocked, shocked I tell you. I later returned to the scene to see that despite the Lindens having departed, battles were still taking place. Vick Forcella was taking no prisoners.

Vick Forcella

Caitlin Tobias was resting with friends and seemed to be oblivious as to how close to danger she was as snowballs were being fired around her from all angles and almost damaged my camera equipment. I suppose this is what happens when you have protection from other beings such as a mermaid.

Caitlin Tobias & Friends

Maxwell Graf and Vaki Zenovka seemed to be relaxed, all too relaxed, I suspect they knew something I didn’t.

Maxwell Graf & Vaki Zenovka 2Flickr

This was hell people, hell, the things I do in order to report truth and justice in virtual worlds, I should nominate myself for an award for having risked virtual life and limb to keep you all up to date!

Winter Wonderland

Grab your snow gear and head on in to Linden Lab’s Winter Wonderland. For the past few months we’ve developed a four-region winter experience many different attractions. Wander through a cozy little snow village, a mesh race track for both snowmobiles and snowboards, rides, ice skating and even a killer snowball war zone. Get in there, choose your arsenal and conquer the castle with a furious fusillade of frigid, frozen fun!

Visit in Second Life

SLURL To Winter Wonderland : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winter%20Wonderland%202/157/4/22/

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  1. At one point I went crazy and started shooting friends. Probably because I shot a couple Moles, those lovable contract workers that create much of the Lab-owned content such as the Winter Wonderland. In my grief I lost control. The episode where I shot SLebrities, though, was purely volitional *giggle*

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