Looking For Horse’s Heads In People’s Beds At Gravesend Bay In Second Life

Gravesend Bay Welcome Area

Risking life and limb I decided it was time to follow Sir Trevor McDonald and dip my toes into the murky underworld of crime. However unlike Sir Trevor, my visit was to a virtual crime location, namely Gravesend Bay in Second Life.

This is underworld roleplay Second Life style and as in many roleplaying sims in Second Life, a lot of work has gone into the storyline. In this case it revolves around two main families, The Gianni’s and The Morella’s.

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Gravesend Bay Map

The Gianni’s have been involved in an internal power struggle which tore the family apart and allowed their enemies to take advantage. The current storyline leaves The Gianni’s in this situation :

Left with a dilapidated neighborhood, the Gianni Family feels the pressure for the Morella’s to the south and is at the point where they’re willing to do whatever it takes to not only keep what they have but to reclaim what the considered theirs.

However when it comes to The Morella’s, there’s a slightly different story.


The Morella’s watched The Gianni’s tear themselves apart and took their chances. Now the head of The Morella family finds himself in this situation :

The Morella’s gain power, prestige and wealth quickly and continue to use their political connections to push the Gianni’s further north. If they prevail, they plan on finally gaining control of the region and wiping the Gianni’s off the map.

Beyond that there are factions. The Drifters and Ava’s Angels.

Petrol Station

The Drifters are described as :

The Drifters are the group of misfits, meaning doesn’t fit in to a family. This group is mostly composed of bikers, drug dealers, addicts, and homeless people. The drifter are lead by nether family, they answer to a faceless figure. He’s known to most simply as the Kingpin.

Ava’s Angels on the other hand are ladies of the night who are still controlled by The Gianni family. This is an adult region, so adult activities can be expected but it’s not a region that encourages adult activities in plain sight.

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We Love Roleplay – A Monthly Shopping Event Aimed At Second Life Roleplayers

We Love Roleplay

We Love Roleplay in Second Life is a monthly shopping event aimed at nerds … in their words! I’ll say it’s aimed at Roleplayers. The aim of the event is described on their website as :

Our goal is not to make money, but to spread the word of awesome creations delivered by our favorite designers and support the role-play community with an event that offers great deals and quality items. We wish to support true creativity and true talent, especially with the current influx of ripped content, which often lets the motivation of true designers diminish.

This goal generally is visualized, too, by a carefully and tastefully designed location with attention to details. We wish to deliver a feeling of a true role-play event, almost as if you could come shop in character.

The event usually starts on the 4th of each month, although they do make an exception in July.

We Love RP Streets

The themes you’re likely to find here are described as :

Medieval (Fantasy), Gor, Ancient Rome/Greece/Egypt, Victorian, Vikings, Barbarians, Native American, Wizards* (Merlin etc.), Steampunk, Fantasy and similar themes.

However the organisers are open to other themes, so if you have a theme you think may be suitable for this event, contact the organisers.

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Dandelion – Land Of Adventure Supplies

Frog Worship

Dandelion in Second Life is home to Fantavatar & Moonstruck, Lilith’s Den, [ Oblivion ], The Wishbringer and The Medieval Fantasy Grid Crier. In short, it’s a place where you can get supplies, clothing and items for your fantasy roleplay.

However there’s more to it than that, because it’s a rather gorgeous sim with nooks, crannies and a strange homage paid to Frog Lords!


Fantavatar and Moonstruck are purveyors of medieval fantasy creations including clothes, shoes, armor, Fae wings, hair, complete fantasy avatars, tree houses and gardens.


Wishbringer are purveyors of fantasy items for your home or role play, including building kits and Sim designs. They create custom made designs and meshes.


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A Visit To Taure Ru – A Second Life Roleplaying Sim

Taure Ru Town

Like many roleplaying sims in Second Life, Taure Ru has rules. The best way of avoiding rules for the casual visitor is of course to pay attention to the rules that inform you to pick up a visitor tag and wear it! However even then you should be mindful of your surroundings and try to dress in character at least.

Taure Ru is a mysterious kingdom, its origins are said to be dark, but no one seems to want to talk about them. However there is plenty of information around to give you an idea of the kind of roleplay that goes on in this mysterious land.

This is classic fantasy adventure territory with guilds, factions and characters who will be mages, warriors, assassins, musicians and dancers. The latter two are probably an example of where Second Life roleplay differs from more mainstream video game versions because dancers and musicians in Second Life are quite important when it comes to entertainment.

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If You’re A Fan Of BBC Drama Wolf Hall You May Want To Visit Lightbridge In Second Life

Lightbridge Town

I’ve been to Lightbridge in Second Life before, a medieval roleplaying sim set in the year 1529 in part of English controlled France. The thing with Lightbridge is that the roleplay is aimed at human characters rather than the more fantasy based element we usually see.

The other thing with Lightbridge is that it’s set in a period of history that is currently being covered in the excellent BBC drama Wolf Hall. The BBC drama itself is based on the book Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel.

Lightbridge Map

There are of course some key differences between Lightbridge and Wolf Hall. Whereas Wolf Hall deals with the rise to prominence of Thomas Cromwell at a time of great upheaval for the church and monarchy in England, Lightbridge is set in the fictional harbour town of Pont de Lumière, which lies between Calais and The Duchy Of Burgundy. This is a small garrison city and therefore you wouldn’t expect to see characters such as Thomas Cromwell, Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII or Cardinal Wolsey roaming the streets and popping into the tavern.

Eric Cadwallader in Lightbridge

Indeed the character generation forbids the roleplaying of such characters :

We do not permit players to play important real life characters (Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Cardinal Wolsey, Charles V the Holy Roman Emperor, etc.) as they are reserved for admins for special roleplay events. Players may, however, play a real life character if there is no significant history to speak of that might be altered by their gameplay. Players must provide references for the existence of the character.

However fans of Wolf Hall, armed with their knowledge of these times could indeed create quite interesting characters whom would know of the politics of the times.

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