Mar 262015

Taure Ru Town

Like many roleplaying sims in Second Life, Taure Ru has rules. The best way of avoiding rules for the casual visitor is of course to pay attention to the rules that inform you to pick up a visitor tag and wear it! However even then you should be mindful of your surroundings and try to dress in character at least.

Taure Ru is a mysterious kingdom, its origins are said to be dark, but no one seems to want to talk about them. However there is plenty of information around to give you an idea of the kind of roleplay that goes on in this mysterious land.

This is classic fantasy adventure territory with guilds, factions and characters who will be mages, warriors, assassins, musicians and dancers. The latter two are probably an example of where Second Life roleplay differs from more mainstream video game versions because dancers and musicians in Second Life are quite important when it comes to entertainment.

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Feb 092015

Lightbridge Town

I’ve been to Lightbridge in Second Life before, a medieval roleplaying sim set in the year 1529 in part of English controlled France. The thing with Lightbridge is that the roleplay is aimed at human characters rather than the more fantasy based element we usually see.

The other thing with Lightbridge is that it’s set in a period of history that is currently being covered in the excellent BBC drama Wolf Hall. The BBC drama itself is based on the book Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel.

Lightbridge Map

There are of course some key differences between Lightbridge and Wolf Hall. Whereas Wolf Hall deals with the rise to prominence of Thomas Cromwell at a time of great upheaval for the church and monarchy in England, Lightbridge is set in the fictional harbour town of Pont de Lumière, which lies between Calais and The Duchy Of Burgundy. This is a small garrison city and therefore you wouldn’t expect to see characters such as Thomas Cromwell, Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII or Cardinal Wolsey roaming the streets and popping into the tavern.

Eric Cadwallader in Lightbridge

Indeed the character generation forbids the roleplaying of such characters :

We do not permit players to play important real life characters (Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Cardinal Wolsey, Charles V the Holy Roman Emperor, etc.) as they are reserved for admins for special roleplay events. Players may, however, play a real life character if there is no significant history to speak of that might be altered by their gameplay. Players must provide references for the existence of the character.

However fans of Wolf Hall, armed with their knowledge of these times could indeed create quite interesting characters whom would know of the politics of the times.

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Jan 272015


The City Of Harrison in Second Life is pretty damn stunning. This is an urban roleplay area that spans two regions and manages to pack a hell of a lot in to packed streets which are surrounded by numerous buildings.

City Of Harrison

As with most roleplay regions in Second Life, the trick is to not tag yourself as being into the roleplay if you’re just visiting. City Of Harrison has a very simple way of helping you opt out, there’s OOC tag, there’s nothing to wear, indeed that’s the trick, you simply don’t join their group or wear their group tag. That means you can even join the group, but avoid roleplay by not wearing said tag until you’re ready.

Detailed Streets

So what exactly is going on here? Well this is a good time to head over to their website to find out more :

The City of Harrison is a casual modern urban roleplay environment – that is, we are a modern-day big city aimed at everyone simply living their lives. Unlike many other urban roleplay environments, Harrison does not focus on being “dark” or “dangerous”; rather, we cater to anyone that wants a chunk of a bustling metropolis. Whether you aspire to be a financial magnate or a criminal mastermind – or anything in between – Harrison is the place for you.

There are perks to getting involved in the roleplay, you can rez items and drive around the streets.

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Mar 012014

Daniel Voyager has already spread the news that dieselpunk sim Seraph City will soon be closing. Inara Pey has informed people that Anita Witt’s full region art gallery of Dryland is closing down. Over at SLUniverse, Naseby Girl has posted that Realm Of Usk is closing down.

Realm of Usk

Welcome to Usk, a historically-based place where you’ll find friendly folks who enjoy 14th century medieval role-play. Travel back to 1300 AD Wales, where you’ll visit a community for creating and sharing experiences based around the lives of knights, nobles and local citizens.

Visit in Second Life

Realm Of Usk is a roleplaying sim and community, which is the sort of project that is dear to my heart so it’s disappointing to read that they are closing their doors.

Inside Realm Of Usk Walls

I don’t know why Realm Of Usk is closing but I do know about the difficulties of helping a Roleplaying sim in Second Life make its own way. For some the tier is too damn high, for others it’s the amount of time managing the project or keeping content up to date.

Realm Of Usk Castle

Others find getting enough others engaged to help with storylines or management difficult. There’s a lot of work that goes into a roleplaying sim and community, much of it in the background and away from the roleplayers themselves.

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Feb 112013

I sometimes see complaints about roleplaying sims and rules, the rules put visitors off. People aren’t familiar with terms such as OOC or IC or Get Out Of The Way. However there are often times when rules are there for a good reason, although sometimes they get TLDR.

So I found out the other day whilst taking some photographs on my own roleplaying sim when I was told off for dressing as a Dwarfin. I quickly headed back to find fellow protesters on another sim to march on the town hall about these rules.

Me And Gnomes

At this point my chief Elf slapped me and told me to behave, pointing out that there was no way I was going to be able to build a story arc that explained how my Evil Drow Wizard had turned into a mining Dwarf with an army of Gnomes! I had to admit, she had a point.

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Jan 112013

On the 2nd January 2012 Tyche Shepherd informed us that the state of estate land was:

  • Adult: 2,877 sims
  • General: 3,141 sims
  • Moderate: 17,822 sims

Moderate remained king, but Adult sims had increased by 872 during 2011, General had also increased but at a slower rate, 434.

Fast forward roughly twelve months to 6th January 2013 and Tyche informed us that the state of estate land was:

  • Adult: 3,458
  • General: 2,302
  • Moderate: 15,143

Now bearing in mind that we’ve lost around 12% of private estates, adult Sims have stood up well. Some adult sims may be converted moderate sims, so this isn’t an exact science but we can now see that adult sims are firmly in second place when it comes to choice of classification for estate owners, moderate remains King by a long chalk.

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Dec 272012

There I was reading the forums when I noticed two forum posts about a roleplaying venture called The Chronicles Of Xcalibur. One in the role play forum and the other in the games in Second Life forum. I am glad I read this in two places because this is an amazingly ambitious proposal that requires a double take.

The idea is to create a massive roleplaying space within Second Life, by massive I mean four hundred sims massive. Yes 400! Now it does appear that there is some funding available for the person behind this, however I don’t think the funding will run to 400 sims, this is a venture aimed at attracting other interested parties. The blurb opens with:

Our goal is to build the biggest Fantasy sim on the grid, consisting of 400 Sims.Each sim will represent a town, all Unique. For each town there will be a King elected.For example, The King of River-stone. A Peaceful elven community.”

As I said, this is a mightily ambitious project but one that if it works, could be a real boost for roleplaying in Second Life. I’ve done a bit more digging and found the official website, which gives some more information on how they’re going to try and build this.

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Oct 172012

There are a few posts over at New World Notes during the last month or so regarding Land Barons, the damage (or not) of the SL Marketplace, tier prices, entertainment and roleplaying. I’m not a Land Baron, I do have an interest in roleplaying, entertainment, tier pricing and the damage or not of the SL Marketplace. There are links between these subjects.

Desmond Shang kicked things off back on September 27th with a post about whether land barons matter anymore or not. They do, love them or loathe them land barons do work that would otherwise fall upon Linden Lab to do. Linden Lab are not Blizzard Entertainment, they don’t have the resources to deal with lots of individual customers day in, day out, they have a product that is chaotic in nature, Land Barons fill a gap.

Masami Kuramoto then inspired a post from Hamlet Au regarding themed mainland, and Masami makes some reasonable points but misses the point that the chaotic nature of Second Life is also one of its biggest draws. Masami is quoted as saying:

SL has the largest map of all games, but the content is messed up. Imagine entire continents of adjacent regions featuring the same theme. Sort of like the Linden Home areas, but without the prefab buildings. Imagine Nexus Prime, Suffugium, S.I.C., The Next Day, Insilico and Hangar Liquides side by side and The Wastelands somewhere nearby.

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Nov 022011

ElvenMyst, the sim owned by Elf Clan will be closing on November 23rd as the clan head to Inworldz full time, the full story is detailed here. There are a few points to note, first of all not all Elves are leaving Second Life, indeed my chief Elf has just poked me telling me I need to update the covenant on a sim. Secondly not all of Elf Clan are Elves!

The blog post by Wafinder Wishbringer is a harsh one, a tale of frustration, woe and cold harsh realities about running costs, Inworldz is cheaper, a lot cheaper and for some people it may seem like the better option, for me I still think Linden Lab are heading in the right direction under Rodvik but I have been to Inworldz where Lady Sakai tries to get me to rent land, one of the reasons I haven’t so far is because I’m at my limit with how much Im prepared to invest financially as well as time wise, days aren’t long enough but one day I will rent a plot from Lady Sakai, if she lets me! I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement. I’m a fan of virtual worlds so the more the merrier is fine by me.

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Aug 252011

I got an email from my chief Elf on my Roleplaying Sim:

Dear Lord,

I’m going on holiday, so is the Potter and Human, all at the same time, see you in a week.

The Elf

Now I must say that my first reaction was “Never trust a Hobbit” and then I remembered there are no Hobbits involved… although I still maintain that Hobbits are to be handled with caution, but this is an Elf, they’re supposed to be all sweetness and light…. which also probably means you should treat them with the caution.

Now the problem I have here is that as Evil Overlord of said sim, I may now have to speak to the inhabitants, in character! This could be a long week.

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