UAC Medieval Faire For Relay For Life Runs Until June 18th In Second Life

Entrance to Medieval Faire

The third annual Medieval Faire in Second Life opened back on May 19th and will run until June 18th.

The Faire is organised by the  Unmasking A Cure (UAC) Relay For Life Team and is part of the Relay For Life of Second Life fundraising efforts for the American Cancer Society.

Unmasking a Cure

The blurb for the event tells us :

Unmasking A Cure Relay For Life Team (#38) presents the Third Annual Medieval Faire, beginning May 19 – June 19, 2017. The faire, similar to a real world ‘Ren – Faire’, offers medieval tournaments in jousting, en garde, sword melee, magic, archery, and horse racing. There are over 50 merchants participating. They are supporting Relay For Life with items that will be sold for 100% profit to Relay. On the entertainment front a dozen live performers and many djs are all donating their time, talent and treasure to Relay For Life. Don’t miss this exciting month long event; try your hand at all the sports, find that perfect outfit or decor item, enjoy live musicians and dj sets!

The Medieval Faire is a more serene affair than many Second Life events and the fact that it runs for a month means you will have plenty of time to take a look around.

Sea Ruins

The Faire is split into two distinct areas, a village area and an activity area and both areas are very well designed.

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Facebook Soon To Require A Personal Facebook Account To Manage Facebook Pages

An Image Should Be Here

The above message reads :

To improve the security of your Page and to make it easier to control who can work on it, you’ll soon be required to sign in with your personal Facebook account to manage this Page.

To get started, add your personal Facebook account as an admin to this Page. If you don’t yet have a personal Facebook account, you can create one. Learn more about how to give people a role on your Page.

This is relevant for Second Life and other virtual world users who chose to create a Facebook page to comply with Facebook’s terms of service but didn’t want to create a personal Facebook account.

Hamlet Au over at New World Notes has talked about creating Facebook pages more than once, here’s a post from 2013 : How To Use Facebook Using Your Second Life Avatar Name.

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The Drax Files: World Makers Ep 45 -Arduenn Schwartzmann And His Flying Machines


Linden Lab have brought us news of the latest edition of The Drax Files : World Makers series, informing us that :

Long-time Resident Arduenn Schwartzman has developed quite the reputation as a prominent inventor, scripter and builder in Second Life. With a career that includes stints as a both a molecular biologist and assistant professor outside Second Life, Arduenn is perhaps best known inworld as creator of the air combat game WarBug.

Enthusiastic is an understatement when it comes to Arduenn.

Warbug Headquarters

The episode, which in traditional style I’ll embed near the bottom of this post, explains how the creativity of Second Life can be so appealing, especially to someone such as Arduenn who had climbed the career ladder only to find more responsibility means more administrative work and less creative work.

Not flying well

Arduenn enthuses about creating a plywood box, an enthusiasm that many of us experienced when we first entered Second Life and realised just how much of a sandbox the virtual world of Second Life truly is.

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The Return Of The Second Life Community Gateways

London City Gateway

For those who have been following Inara Pey’s blog the news that Linden Lab have officially relaunched Community Gateways will come as no surprise,. Inara has been blogging about their potential return since September 2015 and has an excellent post about the latest news.

Now if you haven’t been following Inara’s posts on the subject and are wondering what Community Gateways are, Linden Lab have blogged on the subject, Open the Gate! The Community Gateway Program, That Is! :

We are thrilled to re-introduce the Community Gateway Program! Previously, the Community Gateway program helped bring new users to Second Life, by enabling Second Life communities to attract, register, an on-board new Residents. The program was shelved in 2010 as resources were reprioritized, and now we’re excited to reintroduce the Community Gateway program along with some improvements that will make it even more valuable to Second Life. We recognize the benefit of having Resident supported tutorial areas and have been working with several communities while fine tuning the new program over the last year.

Community Gateways are basically areas whereby communities can direct new users to be oriented in Second Life and join their community. There’s a lot more to it than this, but that’s the basic premise.

One example of a location that uses a Community Gateway is London City and if you visit their website you will see a feature that comes with being an approved Community Gateway site, if you look at the tabs you will see a “Create Account” option, which allows people to create a Second Life account via the London City website and also automatically add them to a London City group.

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Visit A Very Atmospheric Chess Wonderland In Second Life

Chess Pieces

Whilst browsing through the Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide blog post a number of interesting looking destinations caught my eye, but Chess Wonderland stood out in particular.


The blurb on the parcel informs us :

“The Life of Black and White”

Chess is all about black and white trying to conquer each other. There is no grey in chess and same goes for life.

This is an extremely atmospheric place to visit.

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