Second Life Is Very Much Still Around

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Second Life, is that still around?” is a comment that appears on an all too frequent basis when Second Life gets discussed beyond Second Life circles. Not only is Second Life still around, this year it officially celebrated its 14th birthday. Second Life is unofficially older than that, Steller Sunshine entered the virtual world on 13th March 2002.

14 years is quite a good run in technology circles but Linden Lab are most definitely not giving up on Second Life, as we can see from a recent blog post by Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg; Celebrating 14 Years of SL with Investments in Its Future.

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The blog post informs us that Linden Lab are very much still investing in Second Life, they are still very much sharing the love with residents and they are looking forward to Second Life’s 15th birthday.

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Thereafter – A Post-Apocalyptic Virtual Event Runs Until August 27th


Thereafter, a post-apocalyptic themed event, opened in Second Life on August 17th, so the bad news is that I’m late to notice this, the good news is that the event runs until August 27th, so you still have a chance to visit.


The blurb from the event tells us :

Thereafter is a Second Life theater, music and sales event celebrating humanity and society in a post-apocalyptic world. Join us as some of SL’s most cherished content creators contribute exclusive items that provide the backdrop and costuming for live theater events set in a post-apocalyptic, Shakespearean environment. Highly regarded live musicians and DJs are scheduled to honor the favored and familiar sounds of a post-apocalyptic world.

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LoveFest In Second Life Opens August 17th

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The sixth annual Lovefest takes place in Second Life August 17th – August 27th. This is a festival to celebrate the work of HP Lovecraft.

An inworld notecard at the Lovecraft inspired Innsmouth region provides the following information :

LoveFest 2017 is the 6th annual HP Lovecraft Festival of Second Life. LoveFest schedules to occur 7-10 days around the birthday of our “patron author” HP Lovecraft – August 20. This year’s Fest will take place August 17-27, 2017, celebrating Mr. Lovecraft’s 127th birthday.

Each year LoveFest prepares a full sim dedicated solely to this event, including:

The Kingsport Merchant Quarter and Waterfront:

Kingsport, Massachusetts – a city out of Lovecraft Lore, known as a community of artists and artisans which thrives mostly from tourism. Featuring dozens of stores of merchants from all across Second Life, our theatre and a full schedule of entertainment and activities for all,
and waterfront warves of market and other interests.

Innsmouth Attack

The Miskatonic University Expedition Pier:

Office and staging site for the renowned Miskatonic University’s
worldwide exploratory and research expeditions, this year
taking enlisting team members for a voyage to a remote area
in the South Pacific for a deep sea exploration task force.

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Vimmershavn A Dystopian Look Inside Second Life


This weeks Highlights From The Second Life Destination Guide has many interesting locations, history, poetry, roleplaying, carnivals and more but my eye was attracted to Vimmershavn.

Ruined Hotel

The blurb tells us :

Vimmershavn is a walled-in city where life seems to have vanished…but, of course, it hasn’t. If you look closely, you will find pockets of hope and life even within the city.

The reason life seems to have vanished is because the area has been struck by a deadly outbreak and the remaining city is in ruins, but there is life there.

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