Fantasy Faire 2017 – An Unexpected Find

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I have found myself in many a perilous situation at this year’s Fantasy Faire, escaping contagions in San Mora, escaping Elves in Kakushi Pasu and escaping Inara Pey in Fairelands Junction.


I have done far too much escaping and not enough finding, especially the finding of mead. Today I embarked on an epic adventure that took me to The Hill.


The Hill is the sort of peaceful, scenic location that seems as if it would be home to Halflings, the sort of location where you could imagine thirteen Dwarves and a Wizard entering the home of an unexpectant Halfling burglar to embark on an epic journey where we go there and back again, well some of us get back anyway.

This is also a place where you might find fireworks, food for a feast, and more importantly, mead.


Oh and it’s also the sort of place where on Wednesday April 26th 2-4pm SLT you are all invited to an unexpected party to celebrate the work of a human by the name of JRR Tolkien.


Apparently there may be talk of magic rings, I would just like to point out that there were only three rings for the Elven Kings, whilst there were seven for the Dwarf Lords. There’s a moral in that story, I’m not sure what it is, but there’s a moral somewhere!

A Bridge Too Far

Fear not if you can’t attend the party, later on at 7-8 pm SLT there will be a walk through Middle Earth hosted by Seanchai Library.

Now I’m off to make sure the mead is well protected, we don’t want it to go to waste or anything like that, maybe I will make it magically disappear.

Bridge At The Hill

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