Fantasy Faire 2017 – A Visit To The FaireChylde

The Fairechylde

The first day of Fantasy Faire can be a rather hectic affair, looking for lodgings, getting your bearings, and working out where there’s a tavern that won’t be full of elves.

Zander Greene and Oldeshoul Eldermar

That being said, it’s Fantasy Faire and you really have to start the event in a raucous manner by enjoying some festivities and a good place to enjoy raucous festivities is aboard The FaireChylde.


The FaireChylde is a ship held in the sky by a dragon. They have entertainment aplenty here, usually by virtue of a DJ.

The good thing about this is that it means that if there are any elves around, the sounds from the DJ will drown out their bloody awful singing.

Mingling at the back

The mixture of visitors to The FaireChylde also means that you won’t find yourself alone with too many Elves, which is always a good thing, never trust an Elf!

There are some downsides, chief amongst them so far being that there has been a distinct lack of beards.

Fantasy Faire Radio

A point to note about The FaireChylde is that it traditionally moves around the Faire from day to day, so there’s no fixed location, but you can easily find it if you know where to look.

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