A Visit To Paris In Second Life

Notre Dame Cathedral

Paris in Second Life is quite an impressive location, spanning four sims and two centuries it portrays the French capital in a very good light. There are a number of visitor attractions and they include : Theatre Sarah Bernhardt, Moulin Rouge, Eiffel Tower, Maison Victor Hugo, Carousel 1900, Grand Roue Ferris Wheel, Moulin de la Galette windmill, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Champs Elysees, Arc De Triomphe, The Louvre and The Gallery Of Machines.

Art And Attractions

Most of the sims have an early 1900’s feel to them with vintage cars and people wearing Edwardian era style clothing, the people in this case being models rather than bots but they do help to add to the ambience.

There’s quite a lot to see and do. Shopping, Art galleries, theatres and tourist attractions being some of the main activities. Part of the income to pay for these sims comes from renting out shop and room spaces.


Four sims means there’s a lot of legwork to do to see it all, however there are options on your mode of transport. Taxis, which are populated at various points being one means of transport that can take the weight off your virtual feet.

Pigalle Metro Station

Another form of transport is the Metro with carriages appearing roughly every five minutes to take you through the underground to other stations. There’s also a raft inside the Catacombes to take you on a tour.

Mouline Rouge

The theatres here aren’t just for decor, they actually put on productions too. I saw adverts for a production called a thousand and one nights and another about the roaring twenties. Second Life residents Elize Melli and Darcy Mookev seem to be heavily involved in these shows.


However if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the shopping streets then you may want to head to a park. Another relaxing option is to sit on the Grande Roue Ferris wheel for a better view of the city.


Alternatively there’s a carousel to rest on. However once rested you may want to visit the art galleries. Like the theatres, the art galleries aren’t just for decor, they have plenty of art on display inside them.

Top Of The Eiffel Tower

One of the things about virtual worlds is that in many a place you can defy the laws of gravity and fly. Hence why I was able to fly to the top of the Eiffel tower and find that on the journey down I had the option of using a chute.

Paris in the 21st Century

Whereas most of the sims here have a 1900’s theme, one sim does come into the twenty first century. Whereas it does have a number of similar buildings to the 1900’s sims, there are also more modern buildings as well as little things such as a zebra crossing, parking bays and a taxi cab office.

Paris Attractions

Now if you get lost there are handy boards around pointing you in the right direction, there’s also a visitors centre right by Notre Dame cathedral with lots of useful information in both English and French.

This is an impressive build and with plenty to see and do, if you have time, it’s definitely worth visiting.

SLURL to Paris in Second Life : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Paris%20Eiffel/11/97/22

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