Third Second Life Science Fiction Faire Is Open


I’m not big on the Science Fiction scene in Second Life, indeed most of what I read is to do with copyright issues, such as Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek. However there is a thriving roleplaying scene for Science Fiction in Second Life and to exemplify this, we have the third Science Fiction Faire, which is open now. Like some of the other and arguably better known faires in Second Life, the Science Fiction faire is also a charity event, associated with the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life.The region being used for the faire actually neighbours the ACS main Island.




Most faires such as this have a couple of main causes, to help raise money for Relay For Life and promote the wares of the themed communities, this faire is no different with creators having stores and members of the roleplaying community answering questions.


There are plenty of examples of The Tardis around the region.


There is a big emphasis on roleplaying, whilst I was there some people were discussing roleplaying with visitors and talking of copyright issues and why certain things couldn’t be done.


This faire is more low key than others and in many ways that’s nice, although there was a constant stream of visitors there whilst I visited, you didn’t feel like you were walking through treacle. As I said earlier, I’m not into the inworld Science Fiction scene, I’m far more aware of Fantasy Faire. This isn’t a criticism of the Science Fiction Faire, it’s just that it’s not within my general circles, if it were I’d probably be able to write a more informative blog post about the event!


I’d like to thank Victor1st Mornington for his group notice, which alerted to me this event. Victor is a big influence in the Doctor Who community in Second Life and it would have been nice if I’d bumped into him for a quick chat about the Faire and the Science Fiction scene in Second Life in general.


They have events planned for the week of the faire, I’ll hopefully get more information over the next day or two. I enjoyed my visit, although it was quite brief, it’s worth popping in, especially if you’re interested in Sci Fi roleplay in Second Life. I mean you might not find exactly what you’re looking for, but it might inspire you to look further.


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