Fantasy Faire 2017 – News Of Regions And Applications

Sonya Marmurek Dazzles

Sonya Marmurek, one of the magical organisers of Fantasy Faire 2017, brings us news on the regions that will adorn this year’s fantastical fundraising event as part of the Relay for Life of Second Life fundraising event for the American Cancer Society.

In a post entitled Fairelands on the Horizon Sonya informs us that this year’s event will involve a whopping fifteen regions. There’s also news on applications for stores and participation at the event, although it should be noted that some of the regions are already sold out in terms of store space.

Saffia Widdershins Listens

The regions are :

Chaddul Ro – Searlait Nitschke

Described as an outpost of the Orcs of Chal Khizzur, where a beacon brings hope and sanctuary as long as the fires of the outpost are lit.

Dawn’s Promise – Marcus Inkpen/Sharni Azalee

Described as being full of hope and promise and a place where old is reborn as the new. Crumbling ruins will be found here too.

Egregore – Mayah Parx

Described as being a place where darkness is immersed in light.

Fallen Sands – Sweetgwendoline Bailey/Eldowyn Inshan

Described as being Steampunk with a touch of the Orient and Arabia.

The Hill – Kilik Lekvoda

Described as a peaceful village where mushrooms and friendships grow.

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Fantasy Faire 2017 – The Press Release

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The greatest event in the Second Life calendar draws closer , yes Fantasy Faire 2017 is on the horizon.  Posters for this year’s event are available from the website and can be used in blog posts about the event, but please try and keep the aspect ratio.

Fantasy Faire 2017 is part of the Relay For Life in Second Life efforts to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  Last year’s event raised L$7,716,664 (US$ 30,867).

This year’s event, which as usual won’t be anywhere long enough, will run April 20 – 30.

This post is a relatively easy for me because I’m just going to post the press release! You’ll find that below the cut, unless you’re already below the cut of course!

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Roleplay and Experiences At Fantasy Faire

NeoVictoria Roleplay

Roleplay plays an important part of Fantasy Faire and this year is no exception with four groups roleplaying within the Fairelands.

The Neo-Victoria Project are offering dark steampunk roleplay by way of The Sidhe and The Soul-Eater :

Thousands of years past, a sidhe failed in their duty and let a nameless terror into the worlds. It cost them their life, but not their soul. That was put into a mechanical marvel, and so began their long service as a sentinel against the darkness.

But after so long, their mechanical body has begun to fail and that nameless evil escapes its bonds. The automaton sends word to the Sidhe Empire for assistance.

Will help arrive in time?

Here’s a video trailer :

Whereas the roleplay has already begun, you’re not too late if you want to catch up. The next scheduled event is Scene 4 – Battle Against the Soul-Eater and takes place between 6pm-9pm on Wednesday April 27th at The Cathedral on The Serenity region.


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Tales From The Pavilion

Caldeonia Skytower Reads

My first day at Fantasy Faire 2016 had been the traditional mixture of awe, mead, more awe, more mead and keeping a beady eye and a worried ear out for Elves, especially singing Elves. So far, so good on that front.

Today, I decided, would be a good day for a beard trim or some culture. I opted for culture, the beard trim can wait. A kindly being pointed me away from the nearest tavern and in the direction of something called LitFest, muttering something about my health. Apparently LitFest is a celebration of all things literary and if there’s one thing a Dwarfin likes, it’s a good old tale or two.

The location of this literary fest was a pavilion, where a crowd had gathered to hear tales from a little red monster by the name of Caledonia Skytower.

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Fantasy Faire 2016 Wants DJ’s, Writers, Artists & Bloggers But The Clock Is Ticking

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One of the cool things about The Fantasy Faire team is that they provide all these banners for you to publish (but please keep the aspect ratio), which is nice. Anyway, more importantly, Fantasy Faire 2016 have published posts asking for applications from artists, writers, DJ’s and bloggers for this year’s event, but the clock is ticking on applications.

During Fantasy Faire they have, Fantasy Faire Radio and recently they asked for Songweavers to apply for this year’s event :

Do you want to join the Sound of the Fairelands, be one of the voices weaving songs together to conjure audible magic? This is your chance!

In the link you will find an application form with further details, important details they are too, so if you are interested in being a DJ, read the application form in full.

Wildehaven Marsh

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