A Time Portal To Tudor London

Time Portals

Time portals have been opening in Second Life and on Saturday July 15th a new one appeared, this one taking us on a journey to Tudor London, which in my opinion is a modern looking environment.

Time Portal Tudor London

As an intrepid explorer I decided I would research this location for you all and in between having some ale and a pie in The George Tavern I also found myself bumping into a time traveller who is better known for their appearances in 1920’s Berlin.

Time Portal Jo Yardley

I stood quietly as a female looking time traveller with, as far as I know, only one heart, played a pleasant tune. This is part of the beauty of the diverse nature of Second Life, we’ve had a time traveller in a female form playing a leading role for far longer than the BBC.

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Meet The Lindens At SL14B Worked Very Well

Dee, Patch and Saffia

Meet The Lindens at SL14B saw Saffia Widdershins of Prim Perfect fame conducting four interviews with Lindens.

Saffia interviewed Patch and Dee Linden on Monday, Landon (not from London) Linden on Tuesday, Xiola Linden on Wednesday and Oz and Grumpity Linden on Thursday.

Saffia battled technical glitches and a cold to conduct these interviews and these interviews worked very well.

Landon and Saffia

Now if you want to know what was said, this isn’t really the post for you, although I will embed the videos near the bottom of the post.

Inara Pey has been on the case though and currently has extensive transcripts of the interviews with Patch and Dee, Landon and Oz and Grumpity.

Xiola and Saffia Talk

Part of the beauty of these interviews is that they give us an insight into the person behind the Linden and we learn some new things, in many cases, about the Lindens.

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SL14B Time To Enjoy The Exhibits

Dirty Grind

The partying might be over in terms of performances at SL14B but the show goes on and this second week is a great opportunity to explore the exhibits.

1920s Berlin Project SL14B

There are a lot of exhibitors at SL14B and they bring to fore the vast array of different interests and use cases for Second Life.

Watermill Cottage

Art, roleplaying, Linden Lab governance, Bay City, London City, Virtual Railways, carnivals, entertainment, discussion and much much more are on display.

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SL14B Music Fest Features Live Music On Three Days This Weekend

Steps to Stage Left

SL14B Music Fest, featuring live musicians in Second Life as part of SL14B kicks off at 11am SLT Today. The music fest will see four hours of live music on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Stage Left.

The start and finish times are different each day, which gives people all around the world the opportunity to see some of music fest at a suitable time.

The schedule is (all times SLT) :

Friday June 23rd

  • 11 a.m – Tempio Breil
  • Noon – Evely Lane
  • 1 p.m. – Mar Biddle
  • 2 p.m. – Zak Claxton

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Sansar Will Be Free To Access But Will Have Subscription Options

Sansar Screenshot 1

Cecilia D’Anastasio’s recent article for Kotaku regarding Linden Lab’s Sansar has certainly started some heated discussions and one point of major discussion has been regarding subscription pricing. Cecilia wrote :

Right now, only 2,000 select virtual artists, builders and designers have access to Sansar, but later this summer, Sansar will open its doors to everybody with its open beta. Users may pay a small subscription for access.

Hamlet Au over at New World Notes covered Cecilia’s post : Sansar May Launch With “Small Subscription” Fee, Kotaku Reports. with Hamlet pondering whether this would be a subscription model similar to that used by World of Warcraft.

The comments on the New World Notes article are lively, but into the fray stepped Gray of The Lab from San Francisco, AKA Peter Gray, senior director of global communications for Linden Lab.

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