A Visit To Maison de L’amitié In Second Life

Maison de L'amitie

Second Life is gearing up for Halloween, the destination guide has a haunted section and this week’s Highlights from the Second Life Destination Guide blog post is packed with spooky destinations.

Rowing Boats

However the destination guide also offers many more choices for those who aren’t yet ready to dive into the Halloween mood and I decided to take a look at the photogenic spots section, where I found the wonderfully serene Maison de L’amitié.


The blurb in the destination guide tells us :

Maison de L’amitié is a seasonal hangout sim for romance, photography and exploration. Share your pictures on the official Flickr group at flickr.com/groups/maison_de_lamitie.

I’m not sure how seasonal it gets but the current season still has a lot of sun.


The region boasts beaches, beautiful buildings, a light house, boats, plenty of sea and a few ruins in the forms of buildings near the centre of the populated section.

All at Sea

This is a region to relax in, enjoy a book, a glass of wine, a quiet chat and simply relax.

Maison de L’amitié is well worth a visit.

SLURL To Maison de L’amitié : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Orchid/183/81/23/

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