Cake Against Cancer In Second Life For Macmillan Coffee Morning

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I am a little late posting this but there’s still time to enjoy cake in Second Life because today is Cake Against Cancer day, courtesy of Prim Perfect and Cheertopia and all for a very good cause.

The event is part of a bigger event, the biggest coffee morning in the world, organised by the UK Charity, Macmillan Cancer Support.

The Cakes Are Not a Lie
Today’s event will start at 1pm SLT at Prim Perfect HQ, where DJ Elrik Merlin will be spinning the tunes until 3pm and then the event moves to Cheertopia, home of the Second Life Cheerleaders who will be holding a bake sale for the cause.

Prim Perfect have been holding Macmillan Coffee Mornings in aid of this cause since 2013 and have raised over £540.00 (over US$720) through the sale of virtual cake.

St Catherines Cheertopia

Macmillan Cancer Support offer support to people who have been diagnosed with cancer, be that advice on money worries, advice on work, being a supportive voice and much more. They are a very well respected organisation.

Second Life residents are well aware of the impact of cancer and have a range of events to raise money for different causes during the year. The Prim Perfect blog post also contains a personal message from a Second Life resident who is no longer with us.

A long time resident of Caledon, Mr Alastair Whybrow, who sadly passed away in December 2014 had a conversation with Saffia Widdershins regarding the support he had received from Macmillan Cancer Support :

He said: “I’ve had a great deal of involvement with the Macmillan organisation lately, and they’ve been absolutely marvellous, so I’m heartened to think that my friends here have managed to give something back in return … I’m not overdramatising but it is not a small thing. The role and capabilities of the Macmillan organisation are easy to underestimate, as I myself did. They continue to surprise me with the realistic, practical help that can be given and are almost entirely responsible for my own course of pain management, which has involved a course of radio at Mount Vernon, amongst other things. And from my point of view, I’ve found it to be no exaggeration that the sheer goodwill from others really has helped, even when hospitals, tests and medications fall short. It really has been quite sobering, and moving, to experience for oneself how much difference it makes to one’s own attitude simply knowing that others are out there caring in their own way.



Cheertopia Rainbow

“Macmillan have done things that have surprised me. Clinical dosage (thanks to them my painkillers are now starting to work), organising treatment (especially where the NHS is dragging its heels) and help with benefits – not to mention their counselling … The amazing thing to me is that they ARE a charity! I’m not entirely sure how the organisation itself slots into the NHS but they seem to work with it as a semi-autonomous part of it. And yes, the NHS is paying for these things but it’s Macmillan who got it all organised so quickly, even down to helping me organise the transport; there’s no way I can drive to Mount Vernon like this. Their main role administratively seems to be pointing one in the right direction but things are so complicated that that on its own is a big help, and there are people who can’t handle admin very well, they’re happy to stand over your shoulder … Another factor which some’d find helpful is state benefits. Macmillan are very au fait with what’s available and how to get it. If a hospital visit’s costing £10 in taxis each time, that becomes very helpful.

“They look at the whole picture of how cancer affects not just you but your family too. They’re happy to speak to your family individually, according to what everyone wants. They don’t just leave you to pass on bad news. I’m lucky in that my family and I discuss everything without holding back, but it’s a comfort to know that Macmillan are there as impartial ears.”

He also added: “What I would be glad to see is more men having themselves examined as a precaution – especially men over 50. Prostate cancer is cunning and can lurk for years before ballooning out. If my own example can persuade one person to get themselves diagnosed in time, then I’ll be very pleased.”

The blog post from Prim Perfect also informs us how the money is donated to Macmillan or how you can donate in other ways if you want :

On the grid, all the money we raise from cakes and donations goes to an avatar we have created especially for the event – Macmillan CoffeeMorning (with a registered name of CoffeeMorning Resident). But for people who host their own event, they can donate to our Just Giving page or directly to Macmillan Cancer Support.

A good event for a good cause and please don’t forget that cake for this event will be on sale until October 6th.

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