Visiting Rustica and Beyond In Support of Maxwell Graf and Lyrric Fei

Maxwell Graf Studying

Saffia Widdershins has posted a blog about a serious situation : Can You Help Maxwell Graf and Lyrric Fei of Rustica?

Maxwell and Lyrric are in a very unfortunate and serious situation and if people can spare a bit of time to read Saffia’s post it would be appreciated.

I am not going to go into the details of the post here, but I will talk a little about Maxwell and his work in Second Life and beyond.


Maxwell Graf, in the form of Maxwell Graf at least, arrived in Second Life in October 2006, so he’s no stranger to the medium and has made good use of it.

Maxwell Graf & Vaki Zenovka 2Flickr

Maxwell, sometimes sporting a funny hat or headgear, sometimes sporting a droopy moustache, but mostly sporting a laugh and smile has been to many events in between creating, throwing snowballs in years gone by.

Drax Files at SL11B People

At other times Maxwell could be found lounging around on a sofa as part of a discussion at Second Life birthday celebrations where he’s shared a stage with the likes of Saffia Widdershins, Jo Yardley, Draxtor Despres, Loz Hyde, Skyspinner Soulstar and Superflufee.

Pirates? Ahoy?

However it’s the look of some of Maxwell’s work that I find so appealing. The ship being a striking example, I’ve seen the ship in Cloud Party.

Rune in Sansar

I’ve seen the ship in Sansar and I’ve seen the ship in Second Life.

Rustuica Ship

Maxwell isn’t asking for donations but he is asking that if people like any of his wares that they may like to buy them, they can be purchased inworld at the Rustica sim or on the SL Marketplace.

A wide variety of items are available, furniture, builds, accessories and even beards!

I wish Maxwell Graf and Lyrric Fei all the best during this stressful and trying period.

SLURL To Rustica :

Rustica on SL Marketplace :

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