Mitsumi-Town Tokyo in Second Life is Simply Stunning

Mitsumi Town Tokyo

Hamlet Au over at New World Notes recently posted an article about Mitsumi-Town Tokyo in Second Life . Lead developer for the project, Eripom Moonwall, spoke to Hamlet :

Lead developed by Eripom Moonwall, an SLer who actually lives in Japan and has built up a successful SL weapons business in her spare time as a Tokyo-based financial consultant. Working with two producers, four builders and one “advisor of traffic laws and infrastructures” (as she describes the role), Ms. Moonwall and her team took three months to make Mistumi-Town what it is today. And they’re only 70% done, she tells me.

There’s more in the article by Hamlet, so it’s well worth a read, but more than that, Mitsumi-Town Tokyo is well worth a visit, it’s simply stunning.

Road Network

The design really feels like a city and makes great use of building upwards as well as using the ground and even going underground.

The impressive looking roads and other transport options demonstrate an attention to detail that really makes a design feel immersive.

Traffic Control

The region is relatively easy to navigate, but bear in mind that there is quite a lot to navigate, roads, paths, buildings and make sure that if you do visit that you look up and down.


Looking down also means visiting underground stations, again this is great use of available space.

Please bear in mind that this is a Japanese inspired region, so you will see signs in Japanese, but that is not a hindrance because the impressive design means that you will happily find your own way around.


SLURL To Mitsumi-Town :

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