Meet The Lindens At SL14B Worked Very Well

Dee, Patch and Saffia

Meet The Lindens at SL14B saw Saffia Widdershins of Prim Perfect fame conducting four interviews with Lindens.

Saffia interviewed Patch and Dee Linden on Monday, Landon (not from London) Linden on Tuesday, Xiola Linden on Wednesday and Oz and Grumpity Linden on Thursday.

Saffia battled technical glitches and a cold to conduct these interviews and these interviews worked very well.

Landon and Saffia

Now if you want to know what was said, this isn’t really the post for you, although I will embed the videos near the bottom of the post.

Inara Pey has been on the case though and currently has extensive transcripts of the interviews with Patch and Dee, Landon and Oz and Grumpity.

Xiola and Saffia Talk

Part of the beauty of these interviews is that they give us an insight into the person behind the Linden and we learn some new things, in many cases, about the Lindens.

Grumpity Oz and Saffia

We learn that Patch and Dee Linden have been with Linden Lab for quite some time, Patch since 2004 and Dee since 2005 and they talk about the early days as well as the current, so we hear about the infamous Prim Tax.

Lila Linden SL10B Look

We learn that Landon has an interest in sociology and economics and we also learn that he has previously worked as a research chemist before moving into IT.

Keira & Shaman Linden and Dawny Daviau

I’m not sure if Inara was at Xiola’s interview, I don’t recall seeing Inara in the audience but from Xiola we learn that she has grown up in Silicon Valley and worked for well known companies such as Yahoo!

Xiola was also well into Livejournal, so was I when I was a lad and I still love the concept of Livejournal.

We also hear from Xiola how important communication is, not just in terms of communication from Linden Lab but in terms of communities letting Xiola know what they are doing in Second Life and how communities can spread the word about what’s happening in Second Life, it’s a two way street.

We also learn that Xiola has a love of tomatoes. Tomatoes go well with tuna.

Mazidox Linden & Xavier Hombravella Pyroclastics_001

We learn that Oz previously worked in telecommunications, especially in the voice over IP area. Oz came to Linden Lab to do something fun. We also learn that Oz has a passion for Second Life, as in he really likes working on Second Life and isn’t, at this moment in time, working on Sansar.

Rider Linden

We learn that Grumpity is not a man from the Ukraine, which surprised me, although it has surprised me more to try and work out why on earth I thought Grumpity was a man from the Ukraine in the first place.

Grumpity started working with Linden Lab as a contractor on the infamous Second Life Viewer 2 project and has not only lived to tell the tale, she has recently been promoted to the role of Direcor of Product for Second Life.

Simon Linden

The interviews aren’t short, they are over an hour long but they are extremely well conducted and give us an insight into the people working for Linden Lab and the projects they are working on.

Caleb Linden Disappearing Studio

Visiting the studio I also managed to see a variety of Lindens in the audience, including but not limited to Lila, Keira, Shaman, Mazidox, Rider, Simon, Caleb and Tommy.

Tommy Linden with Audience

As I said, the interviews are long, Inara has done a fine job and now I’ll embed the videos with links in case you want to see or listen to them.

Meet the Lindens – Patch & Dee Linden

Meet the Lindens – Landon Linden

Meet the Lindens – Xiola Linden

Meet the Lindens – Oz & Grumpity Linden

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