SL14B Time To Enjoy The Exhibits

Dirty Grind

The partying might be over in terms of performances at SL14B but the show goes on and this second week is a great opportunity to explore the exhibits.

1920s Berlin Project SL14B

There are a lot of exhibitors at SL14B and they bring to fore the vast array of different interests and use cases for Second Life.

Watermill Cottage

Art, roleplaying, Linden Lab governance, Bay City, London City, Virtual Railways, carnivals, entertainment, discussion and much much more are on display.

J'ouvert Mas' in Trinidad & Tobago

As this is the second week of SL14B the streets are a tad more quiet, which provides a more leisurely environment in which to explore the exhibits.

Virtual Railway Consortium

This is an opportunity for the casual explorer to discover communities and activities in Second Life that they may not have realised existed.

Governance Farm

This is also an opportunity to rediscover activities and communities that you may have forgotten about.

Bay City

In short, this is a great time to explore SL14B, you have until July 2nd to do so, which is nowhere near long enough if truth be told, but it’s still a chance to engage in a voyage of discovery.


Transport is available for this voyage of discovery in terms of road and air travel, so go discover whilst you still have time.

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