SL14B – The Beat and The Exhibits Go On

Taxi For Me

Second Life’s 14th Birthday celebrations continue at a rapid pace with such a packed agenda that I need transport to get around.

Armed with the new release of the Firestorm Viewer, (which Inara Pey reviews so very well here), I’ve been taking in the many sights and sounds.

Kardargo Adamczyk DJ

Now you may have an impression that SL14B is all about partying, well there is a lot of partying with live music and DJ’s entertaining the crowds.

Vinnie (Acoustic Rhapsody) Sings

However there’s a lot more to it than that. Discussions, art, education, community exhibits and much more will also occupy your time and eyes.

Dee, Patch and Saffia

Saffia Widdershins has been interviewing Lindens on the sofa and in the studio with Dee, Patch, and Landon having all been on the couch, whilst Xiola has been keeping an eye on everyone and is scheduled a visit to the couch herself.

Landon and Saffia

Lindens also feature in the audience, although Lila seems to be going retro with a SL10B avatar, which I must admit is one of my own personal favourite avatars. Rider just manages to look cool even when the seat isn’t big enough.

Rider Linden and Lila Linden

Meanwhile there are plenty of exhibits to see and they represent so many communities in Second Life. There’s a Shakespearean theatre tribute.

Inside Theatre

Education is represented, for example University of Arizona have a build that represents their Cibola classroom. Cibola being described as a centre for the study of Spanish and Portugese pedagogy, literature and culture.

University of Arizona SL14B

Meanwhile Cystic Fibrosis University have an exhibit that celebrates celebrations from all year round, including St Patrick’s day, where I got talking to a couple of leprechauns.

C.F University Exhibit SL14B

Art is of course represented in many glorious Second Life forms and there are some stunning exhibits.

Dirty Grind

The beauty of the exhibits over the entertainment and live discussions is that we will get another week to explore the exhibits and even though that won’t be anywhere near enough time to appreciate all the hard work the exhibitors have engaged in, it will be enough time to see how diverse a platform Second Life is.


SL14B does a good job of representing many of the communities, interests, activities and use cases for a virtual world, if you get time to visit the exhibits you may find activities in Second Life that you never knew existed.

To keep up to date with all the events and to find details about exhibits please visit the official SL14B website :

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