SL14B Celebrations Are In Full Swing With a Packed Agenda

Welcome Area Dragon

Dragons! Flaming dragons, that’s a sight that will greet you if you head down to SL14B, but fear not, whereas the dragons breathe fire, the greeters who welcome you sport flags and directions.

Welcome Area Greeter

Second Life’s 14th birthday celebrations officially opened yesterday and today marks the first full day of celebrations with a packed agenda of activities.

Cake Stage Manager Vico Torok

Harper Beresford has posted an agenda for today that offers entertainment galore with live performances, DJ’s and an opportunity to Meet The Lindens in the shape and form of Patch and Dee Linden later today.

Holocluck Henly

One of today’s highlights is a masquerade ball, which is in full swing right now with Holocluck Henly spinning the tunes until 1pm SLT.

Loki Eliot and Ryon Poney

Blogger, content creator and DJ himself, Loki Eliot, was in attendance for the masquerade ball, as were a couple of Lindens.

Evie Linden dazzled on the entrance to the ball as she looked all set to join the fun.

Evie Linden Ready To Dance

Xiola Linden made a beeline for the dance floor and joined plenty of other well dressed guests to party on.

Xiola Linden Dances

Now a word or two of warning, SL14B will be busy, very busy, so be patient, you will find that just as you’ve lined up a photo someone teleports away before you take the snapshot, a big head appears from nowhere or things slow right down, fear not, it will be alright on the night if you persevere.

In terms of what’s going on, there are five stages with events, all day long, so its a packed agenda, very packed. The best place to find out exactly what’s going on is to visit the agenda page on the SLCC website. There you can arrange the agenda in agenda view, for a decent overview or use the dropdown menu to get the agenda for each stage.

Meet The Lindens, with Patch and Dee today, takes place at 2pm, SLT today at The Auditorium., it’s not all DJ’s or live music, there are discussions, poetry, ballet and plenty more planned.

The most important thing to remember though is that this is a celebration, so have fun.

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