Facebook Soon To Require A Personal Facebook Account To Manage Facebook Pages

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The above message reads :

To improve the security of your Page and to make it easier to control who can work on it, you’ll soon be required to sign in with your personal Facebook account to manage this Page.

To get started, add your personal Facebook account as an admin to this Page. If you don’t yet have a personal Facebook account, you can create one. Learn more about how to give people a role on your Page.

This is relevant for Second Life and other virtual world users who chose to create a Facebook page to comply with Facebook’s terms of service but didn’t want to create a personal Facebook account.

Hamlet Au over at New World Notes has talked about creating Facebook pages more than once, here’s a post from 2013 : How To Use Facebook Using Your Second Life Avatar Name.

I’ve had a Facebook page for a while , logging directly into the page because I don’t have a personal Facebook account and I don’t want one. I believe that Facebook stopped allowing people to create Facebook pages without having a personal account a while ago, so this news should not be that surprising, although I fail to see how it makes my page more secure for it to be managed via a different login.

Some Second Life users have chosen to create personal Facebook pages in their avatar names in the past and this often doesn’t end well, as Hamlet Au reported back in 2011; Facebook Reportedly Deleting Many Second Life Avatar Profiles; Linden Recommends Facebook Pages Instead :

As Linden Lab just recommended on its official Second Life Facebook page, “please consider starting a Facebook page for your avi instead. It’s simple to do and allows you to connect with other SL Residents on Facebook”, without violating the social network’s terms of service.

For those who have created pages from their personal Facebook accounts this isn’t an issue, for those of us who created Facebook pages because we wanted to comply with Facebook’s terms of service and not create fake personal accounts it is.

I remain somewhat bemused as to why Facebook won’t follow the lead of the likes of Google + who allow people to use a name they are known by, people who use social networks under their avatar names are still engaging in social networking.

As things stand, if you haven’t got a personal Facebook account but you do have a Facebook page, your only option if you want to continue to manage your Facebook page is going to be create a personal Facebook account.

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    1. I am not surprised it is happening, I’m a bit disappointed but I’ve never been a huge fan of Facebook’s policies so I am not heavily invested in my page.

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