A Visit To Fogs End In Second Life


Vampires, Demons, Undead, Humans, Magic users make up the races in the roleplaying community of Fogs End in Second Life. This is a mature roleplaying region and it should be pointed out that child avatars are not allowed. This is made clear at the entrance.

Steam Train

Whilst at the entrance you will be able to pick up an out of character (OOC) tag but you should also take time to read the rules of roleplay etiquette that the region embraces if you want to go beyond OOC.


The rules are important because they help to keep the roleplaying region in theme and in the case of Fogs End the theme is Victorian fantasy, which also means there’s a dress code for roleplayers.


There are also the dreaded, in some quarters, character applications. This can all be a bit daunting to new roleplayers in Second Life, but that’s why OOC tags are useful, they indicate that you’re visiting the region out of character, although I would always advise people to try and fit in with the intended theme of such a region, even if you are only an OOC visitor.


The region is currently in a deep cold winter, with snow falling and if you stick to the region windlight, it’s somewhat foggy. Alas foggy doesn’t work so well when you want to take snapshots.


There are ghostly goings on in this region so have your wits about you if you do want to visit.

Roleplaying is turn based but that also allows for roleplay where you engage with others in Second Life on an unscripted basis. This can be wonderfully creative but it can also be difficult for newcomers to grasp.

The region is extremely atmospheric and well worth a visit, even if you think Second Life based roleplay isn’t your cup of tea.

SLURL To Fogs End : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fogs%20End/166/183/4066/

Fogs End Website : http://fogsend.enjin.com/

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