Hamlet Speaks to Rod

Hamlet has an interview with Linden Lab CEO, over at New World Notes, which you can read here. Inara Pey has a decent analysis here, whereas one wonders whether Tateru Nino will get a chance to interview Mr Humble for a different perspective.

Hamlet’s interview is good, even if he does pull out the Facebook hammer, which Mr Humble sidestepped well, although he did stagger. This contrasts with my visit to the Second Life website this evening when I saw yet another Facebook widget, uttered “Oh FFS” and then went into a rant that is not fit for a PG audience, but included lots of “!$#’s. I’m not getting this Facebook stuff at all, particularly why LL are hellbent on getting people to login to Facebook.

However it’s the interview with the new CEO we should focus on for now, and it was decent enough, no earth shattering moments and nothing too worrying.

Rod does go over old ground, lag, ease of use, improved customer service, there was a time when Concierge support was the best customer service I’d received from any company ever, quite how it got into such a mess isn’t a mystery, it was the job losses, but it’s still disappointing that it had happened. Lag and ease of use we’ll wait on.

Rod also talks of growth and is positive this can be achieved and he talks of point and click, another old topic and one that is controversial, indeed Ordinal Malaprop comments on Hamlet’s blog post: “No point and click movement by the way, for heaven’s sake. We are not living in a Lucasarts adventure.” ….. quite what’s wrong with Lucasarts adventures will have to remain a mystery!!!

If you haven’t read the interview, go do so, Hamlet has an exclusive so I’m not going to steal quotes, it’s all over there.

For now Mr Humble inspires a bit of confidence, he seems to have enthusiasm for the task ahead and seems to have some ideas on how to introduce some new initiatives and although some people would like something awe inspiring being uttered right now, I’m a fan of the more cautious approach at this point.

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