Jordan Reyne’s Fantastic Sound Rocks The Mango Yacht Club In Second Life

Jordan Reyne Stage

Jordan Reyne this evening rocked the Mango Yacht Club in Second Life with her unique sound. The good news is that Jordan is scheduled to rock Second Life even further this weekend with more gigs before going on a real world music tour in Europe.

Jordan Reyne On Guitar

Jordan belted out several tunes to an eager audience and allowed them to vote on which cover song she should perform, there was only one cover song in her set, the rest of the set was original material from Jordan herself.

Jordan Reyne Sings

Jordan doesn’t just stand there and play music either, she interacts with her audience, which was very well exemplified by the above vote on which cover song she should perform.

Dwarfin On The Dancefloor

At one stage I even took some tender steps onto the dancefloor myself. Now it should be noted that it takes quite a lot to get a Dwarfin on the dancefloor when there are no other Dwarfins around, a lack of mead and no sign of a bar brawl.

Sparkie Cyberstar, Wurfi & Me

Jordan is managed by ace Second Life talent manager Sparkie Cyberstar. I poked Sparkie about Jordan’s sound and she told me :

It’s the most amazing & unique music ever.

Well you would expect her manager to say that, so take it from me, the sound is unique, indeed you don’t have to take it from me, there are more SL gigs planned for this weekend.

Chatting With Wurfi

Whilst there I ran into Wurfi, we had a deep conversation, as the image above exemplifies. This wasn’t just because Wurfi was the only avatar in the gig who was smaller than me either.

Now if you want to catch Jordan in Second Life this weekend, the times and places are available at :

The reason I’ve chosen to link to Jordan’s site is because it uses Google Calendar and I get absurdly confused about SL and RL times on Google calendars. However I think it’s safe to say that a gig is scheduled for 11pm SLT tonight, which is 7am tomorrow for me! However where I get confused is wondering if there’s one at 10pm SLT too. The gig around this time is part of the launch for part 3 of Jordan’s Maiden EP.

Jordan Reyne is an act well worth catching, I’ll end the post with further links and a song from Jordan.

Jordan Reyne Website :

Jordan Reyne Bandcamp (Where you can pre-order the ep)

Jordan Reyne on YouTube :

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