Club Carnage On The Move But Not Closing

Club Carnage

Since 2005, Club Carnage has hosted live deejays, events and games to a strong and growing community. This newcomer-friendly music hangout spot is a great place to meet new people.

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Club Carnage finds itself in The Second Life destination guide, the only problem is, the SLURL is out of date. Club Carnage is no longer at that location, indeed it’s even going to move from its current location over the new year period.

In a post full of frustration and serious RL concerns over at the Second Life forums, Club Carnage owner Camelyn Witherspoon writes:

Due to unforeseen business circumstances, namely a significant and unexpected drop-off in business over the last several months due to LL failure to move our destination from the old sim to here, Club Carnage will be closing its facility and discontinuing its operations on Flagg sim as of midnight Dec 31 2013.

RL is also partly to blame (DAMN RL!). I have a terminal illness and recently my husband was involved in several accidents. We do not know if he will ever be able to work again. We are dissolving the trucking company that we own. Things are bad but we’ll be ok.

The club will be moving to its new home on January 2nd.

Club Carnage is eight years old, which in Second Life terms makes it pretty much an antique. I first discovered Club Carnage due to a conversation with Bart Heart some years ago. At the time Bart had quite a large land business. I briefly rented some advertising space there. I also used to advertise Club Carnage at my mall.

I certainly remember having to update the landmark in my advertising boards but I lost track of how Club Carnage was doing. I haven’t spoken to Bart Heart for ages either.

I don’t know what the process is for updating Destination Guide links but I do know it can be frustrating.

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The SLURL for that location is now :

The old location simply won’t work, so people will probably end up at a welcome centre, they may even end up at Ahern and many of us know that there’s a good chance that won’t end well. I appreciate that Linden Lab may have better things to do than keep The Destination Guide bang up to date, but it would be certainly be beneficial to venue and sim owners if there was an easier way of asking LL to update the location.

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    1. Easy and Villa in the same sentence does not work, if there are two ways of doing things and one of them is easy, Villa will go the other route!

      Merry Christmas to you Drift and Happy New year.

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