The Drax Files Episode 14 – Rose Borchovski

The Inevitability Of Fate

I suppose it was inevitable really that The Drax Files would change its signature theme tune one day, that’s the inevitability of fate. Which brings us nicely on to this latest episode of The Drax Files. Episode 14 features Rose Borchovski. All the images I post in this post … really don’t like the way that sounds (no time to change it EDITOR), anyway all of the images in this post are from Rose Borchovski’s art installation entitled “The Inevitability of Fate”.

The installation can be found at Two Fish, Cariacou in Second Life


Now back to the post! This week’s Drax Files is a visually stunning affair where Drax strolls through Rose’s world of art as if he’s some sort of trouble maker, you keep waiting for something to break, but it never does. This is quite an immersive episode, I could watch this with the sound turned down. However as sound is an important part of Rose’s work, I wouldn’t encourage you to do that if you visit her inworld installations. Also if you turn the sound down on the video, you won’t hear it … hmm I haven’t thought this through very well!

Changing Statue

However the real story in this week’s episode is Rose and her work. Additionally how Second Life is used to bring her work to life inside and outside of Second Life. Rose is also quite the storyteller, and as I’ve said previously, I’m a big fan of storytelling, in all its forms.

This episode kicks off with Rose talking about her creation of Susa Bubble, the girl who went to bed single and woke up double. Susa Bubble sprang to life because Rose wanted to write a story for her daughter, who at the time was very sick. The story itself is not all pink fluff, it’s rather dark in parts and demonstrates good and bad, it’s closer to a Grimm’s fairytale in many ways than a happy children’s tale.

Ballooning Pig

However one big theme from this week’s episode is the power of a virtual world such as Second Life to add an extra dimension to the artistic experience. The sounds, noise, 3D models and immersion within the Second Life art installation add extra richness to the exhibit, it’s powerful stuff.



However despite her impressive Second Life art installations, Rose’s work goes far and wide outside the virtual world too. Rose is working on several projects that are not set in the virtual world, including one that involves scantilty clad females … I may be a while here just trying to work out what’s going on … oh!

Words Of Wisdom

Rose will also be opening an exhibition in a few weeks in Basle in Switzerland. Rose’s exhibits are often not what one would describe as a traditional exhibition, they involve sound, projection, video. Actually some of this looks like Time Lord art to me, which if you’ve seen the 50th anniversary Doctor Who special should have you worried!

Rose is also working on the concept for another exhibition, this one will be in Moscow. Not only does this lady bring art to people all over the world via Second Life, she also takes her art all over the place physically too!


However those exhibitions that take place outside Second Life are sometimes designed in Second Life. Rose is able to use Second Life as if it were her studio. This is what impresses me about The Drax Files, so many use cases for virtual worlds are exemplified and they are the sort of use cases that are not often discussed in the wider media.

However if you want to know the advantage of displaying work inside Second Life as opposed to outside it then Rose explains it. With over 15,000 visitors to her work in Second Life, Rose suggests this is more than the audience you would get in a museum.

Now if you do visit Rose’s exhibitions in Second Life please read the covenant carefully because that’s where you’ll find the snapshot and machinima policies, please respect the restrictions.

Again this is really impressive stuff from Draxtor Despres. Now for the question on everyone’s lips …. are the old titles gone for good?

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