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SL Shatoetry Project At SL10B

You know how it goes, there’s a big event, you ramp up your graphics card settings, get ready for snapshots and watch in horror as you run out of texture memory, or the viewer crashes whilst playing about with windlight settings and then you forget all about the windlight setting you like. This is when you remind yourself that you’re living in denial about the capabilities of your graphics card and settle on looking at the parcel itself, which is what I did as I found myself at Crap Mariner’s SL10BCC Shatoetry Project.

The notecard informs us:

The Second Life SL10BCC Shatoetry Project

by Crap Mariner

(UPDATED June 9, 2013)

 Shatoetry is a smartphone app that lets you create magnetic poetry with William Shatner’s voice.

 “Second” and “Life” are available in the word packs, and that inspired this project.

 I created a bunch of Shatisms about Second Life which explore the past, present, future, and quirks of this virtual world. Then, I embedded the sounds in this build.

When you arrive on the parcel you can listen to the Shatisms Crap has created, as well as user contributed ones. Details on how to add your own Shatism to the build are included in the notecard on the parcel, I’m not going to provide all the details here as that would not be fair on the exhibit, if this sounds interesting to you, go and visit the parcel:


SL Shatoetry Project At SL10B

The build itself is nicely done and the Shatisms are very amusing as you hear William Shatner style speech with phrases associated with Second Life and virtual worlds.

A number of people have already contributed their own Shatisms to the exhibit, they include:

  • Botgirl Questi
  • Codebastard Redgrave
  • DrFran Babcock
  • Explorer Dastardly
  • Feline Slade
  • Holocluck Henly
  • Honour McMillan
  • Kristine Kristan
  • Marianne McCann
  • Menubar Memorial
  • Mistletoe Ethaniel
  • Pygar Bu
  • Sanura Snowpaw
  • Serendipity Haven
  • Tura Brezoianu
  • Uccie Poultry-Seale
  • Whiskey Monday

So as you can see, the project created by Crap Mariner has embraced the wider community very nicely, although it won’t be to all people’s tastes, I found it highly amusing and very well crafted.

A full list of Shatisms in the build is available here:

Really though, you should visit and experience them with sound. That way you may also meet other Second Life residents, as I did when I was poked in the back with a shout of “Oi! You’ve shrunk!

Looking Up To Inara Pey

So then I moaned to Inara Pey about my graphics card woes and complained that Strawberry Singh and Inara Pey manage to capture great snapshots of islands and mine crumble into mush, then I decided it was best just to admire Inara’s tats:

Admiring The Transport!

Now if you could lean in closer you could see that the tatoo has Inara on it, that’s how you know you’re talking to an authentic Inara Pey! Anyway there’s more exploring to do and if you do have time, the SL10BCC Shatoetry Project is certainly an interesting and humourous place to visit.

Now where are those photography tips from Torley!

5 Replies to “SL10B – The Shatoetry Project”

    1. After standing around on the parcel, it already is, I’m actually typing this with the words coming out in my head, William Shatner style!

  1. I meant to ask… did you shrink in the wash? I don’t rmember you being that short before ;-).

    Or have I simply grown without realising it?!

    Oh, and on snapshots, most of mine are currently screen caps at the moment, as my graphics card really doesn’t like the snapshot floater any more. :(.

    1. Are you being Dwarfinist Ms Pey? :p

      I find with snapshots, I can take two or three with ramped up graphics but then I’ll pretty much crash. The SL viewer is better than Firestorm for taking big pics for me, Firestorm refuses to play nicely if I want a 3360/2000 pic.

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