To PG or Not PG

That is the question. Sometimes I wonder what the point of PG land is. This struck me recently when I was pondering whether to AR a gentleman’s club in a PG sim. I’m not generally a tell-tale twit but I put in my notecards on PG land “No adult sales please, this is a PG sim”.

Now this parcel was right next to my parcel, it was only whilst I was pondering that I realised that the club in question wasn’t on the same sim and was indeed in an adult sim.

It’s a jump to the left
then a step to the right
with your hands on your hips
you bring your knees in tight
but it’s the pelvic thrust
that really drives you insane

Of course you can’t do the pelvic thrust on my PG land! However the real question is, what value does PG status give my land whilst the very next parcel (albeit on a mature sim) has a gentleman’s club there.

So what’s the solution to this? Would having all PG sims in their own area with ocean between them and the nearest mature sim help those who don’t want to be offended by adult content? From a selfish point of view I think this has potential for raising the price of PG land, largely because those who really do want PG land would flock there.

I mean if someone rents my land because they’re tempted by the idea of PG land, that club next door isn’t going to appeal to them.

Maybe the land could be put at different levels so that even if you terraformed them you’d have to fly or dive to reach the sim with the different status on the neighbouring parcel.

Maybe Governor Linden could build a freeway! Hurrah!

Maybe everyone is happy about the current way that land is and would rather it stayed as it is, after all we’re all over 18, aren’t we?

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