The Way Things Were – The PG Sex Bed

I’ve never been fearful to investigate things that others fear to investigate! The things I do for you lot, I should get a medal or something. Anyway, when I was looking back at the Jack Linden Office Hour recently, I delved into the long distant past (in virtual world terms) of 2008. Back then Driftwood “I have an awful taste in football teams” Miles asked the meeting: has anyone seen the PG Sex Bed doing the rounds?

Well I hadn’t, actually I don’t recall this conversation at all. However it seems that some people do remember this and still have the item. I won’t tell you that Innula Zenovka handed me one …. oh wait! Anyway, I won’t reveal my sources but one has came into my possession via mysterious means….

You’re reviewing sex beds!” said Inara Pey incredulously when I told her I was going to blog about this, it’s not often you see Inara Pey incredulous! This shows the lengths I go to in order to keep this blog relevant and  up to date, by finally catching up with matters that happened over four years ago!

Now, having received said sex bed, I needed to find some talent, you know, to help me test it. However looking around my local tavern wasn’t encouraging:

Female Dwarfin

I glanced at my bottle of red wine, glanced at my Dwarfin, glanced at my wine again and decided, that even in the name of investigative journalism, I couldn’t get jiggy with a Dwarfin! However now that I think about it, we may have produced some very rare traits. Wait wait wait, Dwarfins don’t get jiggy with it anyway, they just create! Phew, close shave there! Dwarfins are totally PG.

So anyway, there I was, with wine, my own tavern, a room and a bed!

PG Sex Bed

What’s an evil drow wizard to do, I decided I need to take the plunge.  Beads of sweat dripped down my furrowed brow as I contemplated whether I should cut the blue wire, or cut the pink wire. My heart was beating faster, I decided to time out and see who the creator of this epic device was, it turns out it’s Darling Brody.

Now sex beds often come with menus that make one blush by the names of animations, subtlety, romance, sweet talking, these are not traits of Second Life sex beds, after a few more sips of wine I decided I had to get through this and plunged for the blue ball:

PG Sex Bed In Action

Aha! Success! Alas this picture cannot convey the atmosphere of hearing the creaking mattress or the mood music, but this is creativity people, fun, heart racing and over four years old! Second Life, don’t you just love it!

No animals or Dwarfins were harmed in this production, honest!

5 Replies to “The Way Things Were – The PG Sex Bed”

  1. Indeed

    It is fair to to say my credulity had been been so inned… Or outed, for that matter.

    So let me get this right. You jump on a poseball and this big, black box labelled “CENSORED” falls on you with a loud thud?

    …One assumes any moans and groans are not so much indicating of naughty goings-on as they are of people recovering from the after-effects of being soundly squished. Still, bringa a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Not now dear, I have a headache…”


  2. Hi there. I was randomly googeling myself (in private I promise) and found this blog. Cracked me up laughing. You know that bed was a joke I slapped together to amuse some friends in response to the adult verification system being implemented at the time.
    Darling Brody
    ps. I miss creating in SL… time to consider a return? hmmm

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