Second Lie Returns, Will Magellan Linden Follow?

Second Lie at Twitter Party

@gwenners I wasn’t gone. I was just horribly lagged for eight months. Second Lie has returned to Twitter, after his surprising and mysterious departure we have a surprising and mysterious re-appearance. I notice this on the same day that I’m seeing a lot of tweets about Magellan Linden, they can both be direct and gruff but I don’t think they’re related!

On the Magellan front, it started with an innocent look at Honour McMillan’s wares and turned into something much much darker after reading a post on The Poultry Report. The word on the street is that 2013 could be the year that the mainland menace of Magellan Linden rears his head. Magellan had completed his most of his exploring by the time I arrived on the grid back in 2007, indeed he used to document his explorations, which mysteriously stopped in 2005. However that wasn’t the last sign of the man, oh no the menace of the man would return to Nautilus.

The Wiki has a page about the infamous Nautilus City investigation, wherein a chat log is shared from an abuse report about Magellan:

Resident: Excuse me, but could I ask you please to move?

Resident: I mean, with that huge suit you’re wearing, it’s hard for people to walk around you in here.

Resident: Please?

Magellan: Hush, woman! I’m in three different IMs and they’re all more important than you.

Resident: But this is my art gallery. People are here for the opening party.

Magellan: Just tow it out to Weiland or Shenning. I’ll board it there, head south.

Resident: What?

Magellan: Damn it!

Resident: What did I do? Tow what?

Magellan: No, some arty-farty cow is making noise and confusing me.

Magellan: Damn it again!

Resident: Hey, wait, are you talking about me?

You can read some of the history of Magellan here and here. However for reports of evidence of his more recent activities go here. I don’t know which I find more worrisome, the return of Second Lie or the potential return of Magellan Linden.

Keep your eyes peeled, this won’t end well!

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