The Garden Gets Message Of The Day Boost

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Garden Message Of The Day

So I was trying to download the http project viewer, I have no idea what this project viewer entails. On attempt 876 it finally downloaded, well it wasn’t quite that bad but I’m having ISP issues. I ran it and couldn’t login, but I don’t know if this is due to the project viewer not working or whether it’s my ISP.

However I did notice thatThe Garden is now getting publicity on the message of the day, do they still call it message of the day? I took a look at The Garden here.

There was a time when such boosts were considered unseemly, however those days are largely gone and people recognise that these messages are to try and offer people new experiences on resident run ventures. Now if you haven’t been paying attention The Garden is an interactive game style sim, you can find more on their official site, which is here.

The sim is visually very attractive and well worth a visit, I’m not affiliated with the devs in any way shape or form, I should have made that clear earlier! Indeed they make me listen to tacky songs from the 70’s, but I still like the sim!

I tried to take a picture this weekend of this outstanding pool with a statue, but it all went Pete Tong, a crash, then I just don’t know where it went, however there’s a superb photo of it on Flickr, which you can see here. Indeed the whole flickr set gives you a good overview of just how good this sim looks, although it was outside my flickr safe filters … hmm I hope there’s nothing unseemly going on in those bushes!  It’s well worth a visit inworld.

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  1. I’m not sure the MOTD was seen as unseemly so much as the fact that LL initially tried to charge an exorbitant fee for people to make use of the the MOTD….

    I’ve been trying to grab some decent snaps of The Garden for a while (at least, what pass for decent when it comes to my efforts). I’m finding that something there is not liking my PC, as I’m fine until I use the snapshot floater (on any viewer), then the PC (not just the viewer) starts locking-up on me every few seconds. Oddly, as long as I play the game itself, I’m generally fine.

    Maybe SL is giving me a hint that it’s really time to upgrade hardware!

    Still totally in love with the Garden, tho – it deserves all the promotion it gets.

    HTTP project viewer: this is for faster texture loading. However, the same code is now in the latest vDevelopment viewer, and should be out with the 3.4.3 beta viewer from next week, with lots of Linden Goodness to follow, rendering-wise.

    Which large group management already in the beta (and starting to appear across TPVs), the front-end of the Steam link-up and a host of contributed fixes and bits starting to appear in the official viewer, it is starting to feel asif Christmas is early this year, despite the crasg rate issues over the last couple of months!

    1. MOTD is Match Of The Day! Anyway, message of the day started with the land baron surprise, apparently as a test, then moved on to the paid idea as I recall.

      I’m having a nightmare with snaps, I crash to the desktop or it just stops responding after a few. This may be to with my ISP or the router, as I know they are having issues in my area.

      The Garden is indeed worthy or promotion, it’s worth going back again and again.

      I still can’t find much information on the http viewer, anywhere! Do you know what http features are coming, I’ve seen the http inventory and textures options, but they’ve been around for a while.

      The Steam thing could be useful, especially as Second Life wouldn’t be allowed in the Windows store by the looks of it due to its content.

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