Scripting Resources Are A Job Pretty Well Done

I haven’t been that interested in the US election, not being an American or having the right to vote in the election helps a bit there. The world economies being in a mess no matter who wins, helps there too but I did want Barack Obama to win largely because it’s a slap in the face for The Wonga party in government in the UK who would have seized upon a Mitt Romney win to justify their heinous mess of a job they’re doing in Government. However it’s not like Labour offer anything much better, just a little bit in the right direction but we’re not exactly spoilt for choice.

However, when Linden Lab are feeling down about the views people post to their employees, which is allegedly part of the reasoning behind the mistaken policy of hiding Jira’s, they should be grateful that they don’t have Donald Trump as a disgruntled customer because his twitter meltdown was truly spectacular, I mean really really spectacular. That’s some funny stuff.

However, let’s move on to an area where Linden Lab are very good, scripting resources. This doesn’t mean scripting in Second Life is easy, but let’s give credit to the amount of resources available.

There are two forums for scripting, The Scripting Forum, which is a place where you can find help and advice, or if you prefer, offer help and advice. This is an active forum and people generally walk away happy.

Then we have The Scripting Library, which is where you can post your own scripts or look at other people’s, read the posts carefully for permissions to use and such like, but there are many funky scripts there.

If you’re new (or old) to scripting there’s the excellent LSL Portal on The Wiki. Here you’ll find some tutorials, information about functions, states categories, it’s an excellent resource. I’m not saying everyone will be able to jump in and become a LSL scripting expert, but the information is there. We should also not forget the original LSL Wiki, Catherine Omega is behind that and it was my favourite resource at one stage, I found it more helpful but now I probably use the LSL Portal more.

Kelly Linden used to use the scripting mailing list, I’d link to it, but I can’t find a link to it so I don’t know if people are still welcome to join. I know how to join it, but it might be being wound down, I’m sure I’ve seen some mail from the list recently. Anyway, Kelly has been active over the years on there.

My only real criticism of scripting communications is that there are no Linden posts in the forum when new scripting features are released, ideally there would be a sticky or two, but new functions and functionality are highlighted on the wiki.

Overall, Linden Lab do a pretty job with scripting resources, if you fancy giving it a go, go look at the resources.

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    1. Yup good point and usually with a link to the wiki on the notes page.

      The server forum is another excellent source of information.

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