Oskar Confirms Departure Over At SLUniverse

Oskar (formerly Linden) has apparently commented on the SLUniverse thread regarding his departure. I have been toying whether or not to post this because I don’t want Oskar to get into trouble, but as SLUniverse is a public place, I’ve decided to link to it anyway. There’s also a picture of a man with a big beard who has a sign saying he’s the Oskar formerly known as Oskar Linden! He actually looks a lot like I imagined he would! I don’t think this is a hoax.

Oskar doesn’t go into specifics about his departure, as he’s not allowed to by the terms of his separation agreement, but does talk of his shock at the infamous Skype call that led to his departure.

Oskar talks of his communications, now he did rub some people up the wrong way but anyone who communicates is likely to do that at some point, people misread situations, they get the wrong end of the stick or they simply don’t like the answer. I generally liked Oskar’s communications because he would largely get to the point.

He was also one of the few Lindens who engaged with people in the forums, eliciting feedback, maybe getting a bit grumpy when people went off topic but sometimes you have to do that to keep things on track.

Again I thank Oskar for his work, his communications and his desire to try and improve Second Life.

Oskar signs off by saying he will miss working with the Second Life community, but hopefully the road ahead works out well for him.

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