Hallow’Dee’n Festival

Isle of Dee Hallow'Dee'N

The roleplayers on my roleplaying sim have decided to hold a week long festival entitled Hallow’Dee’n … I suggested it might be better to hold this next week and run into Halloween, to which they responded:

Halloween is a popular time of year.

People will be doing their own thing.

Are you nuts?


So it’s happening this week instead, with two Saturday parties, some games, competitions, quests a fashion show … a medieval style fashion show.

Saturday, October 15th at 10 AM SLT

Join us for a week of excitement, celebrating the Grand  Opening of “The Lobby”, Dee’s brand new, gorgeous and unique  Welcome Centre -Roleplay Introduction  – Shops –  Games – Events – Venue!

To launch our Hallow Dee’n Festival week, we proudly present to you the first medieval fantasy hallowe’en themed fashion show at the Isle, moderated and presented by Miss Bliss Couture 2011, Kay Farey.

The glamorous show will take place on a specially built catwalk with a hallowe’en theme at the Dance Dell in the Dee Lobby. And you can see an exclusive collection of Male and Female Outfits by GK Designs, Marauder Wear, Lilith’s Den and Tamirons Forge.

Hallow Dee'n Fashion Show copy

The Fashion Show is followed at  1:00pm by Scottish drum and pipe band Virtual Albannach in concert,  followed by dancing to the DivaDemonDJ, Jo Heartsdale.

Festival Dance Hallow'Dee'N

At the start of what will be an unforgettable week of festival, this is an event not to miss. Bring friends. Medieval costume appreciated. Other planned events (unplanned events may well follow)

A poetry competition run by our resident bard, Dart Chaffe.

An art competition organised by our resident artist, Rhea Vintner.

A Cookery Competition  in two versions one to be held in the Dark Faction Dungeon (tasteless cooking)     and one at The Cock -A – Hoop (edible cooking) .

Isle of Dee Hallow'Dee'N Cookery Contest

Sunday 16th October

1:00pm… Clair’s Fun Day, with strip poker, spin the bottle, mud wrestling and a barbecue.

Monday 17th October

1:00pm… Merthyn and Rhea will be hosting an En Garde tournament, and offering lessons to those who do not yet know the noble sport of fencing.  Held in the Dee Lobby.

Tuesday 18th October

1:00pm… for those with more energetic and violent inclinations, Lord Soth is organising a REVOLT tournament in the Combat Arena.

Wednesday 19th October

2:00pm… The second Dee Marathon, hosted by Philippe and Ginny Miller.

Thursday 20th October

1:00pm… The Swimming Competition starting at the millpond.

2:00pm…  The Boat Race, starting by the lighthouse.

Friday 21st October,

1:00pm… Games outside the Vintners’ house, with Tug of War,  Sack Race, Darts, Knives in the Barrel and others

Saturday 22nd October

12:00pm… Dunk the Elders!  Take turns to dump them into a tank of freezing water – take out your frustrations on them!  In the Dee Lobby.

1:00pm… Closing Festival Dance Party – with the DivaDemonDJ again, and a “Best in Hallowe’en Dress” competition.

Closing dance Hallow'Dee'N

All during the week, there will be a Herbs Quest provided by the Wilds Faction at the Isle and a Treasure Hunt, at the Dee Lobby.

As well all during the week, the Games Area at the Lobby is filled with fun Games, like Cake throwing, Test Your Strength, Bumper Cart, Throwing Daggers Wheel, Giant Trampoline and lots more.

Additionally, Merthyn and Rhea would like to invite folk to come by their shop ay any time during the week, and help them tread grapes for their latest batch of wines.  free Zombie wine to all who assist!

Isle Of Dee Main Landing Point: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dee/163/126/4001/

These are the planned events, as this is Second Life planned events may end up cancelled due to drunkeness, computer problems, changes of plans and witchcraft!

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