JLU Appear To Be Far Off Track

The unseemly spectacle of the latest Justice League Unlimited hoopla is not doing anyone any favours. Allegations, counter allegations, revelations about contacting realtives of people on their deathbed, Linden off the record chat logs shared and the brainiac wiki itself. The men in tights have been caught with their pants around their ankles and are desperately trying to pull them back up to avoid further indecent exposure.

The JLU are not roleplaying superheroes, they aim to protect and serve within Second Life to make the Second Life experince better for all, the Second Life Wiki listing for them has noble aims and it’s not surprising that groups who have been thwarted by the JLU relish opportunities to embarrass them, howver the JLU make it all too easy. They appear to go way beyond their remit with some of their actions, especially with allegations that the brainiac wiki stores Second Life and real life information on people and the Deadly Codec incident really is beyond the pale, contacting a relative on Facebook, apparently out of compassion but how compassionate would you be if someone contacted you about a dying relative and you later found out they’d been fishing for confirmation of the condition of your relative for such a group?

Some members of the JLU seem to come from the nothing to hide, nothing to fear school of thought, I’ve always found this to be a flmsy way of thinking, especially as they have in their Brainiac wiki information they don’t want everyone to see, however it’s allegations about what they store that are most disturbing and with talk of the Phantom Zone device on the Jira, it’s disturbing to think where they may be heading.

News about the JLU isn’t new, an article in The Alphaville Herald in 2010 revealed that The Wrong Hands group had infiltrated the JLU to get information out of their wiki, and yet this blew over, people seemed to forget about it and eventually the Redzone issue blew up, where people objected to information being stored about alts.

However now The Alphaville Herald are again questioning the ethics of the JLU, and rightly so, and GreenLantern Excelsior doesn’t do himself any favours with his comments there, nor does he do himself many favours on the SLUniverse thread. The JLU insist they aren’t harvesting IP addresses, but they don’t deny that they store and discuss RL information on people and this is a far bigger issue than IP addresses, if you post here on this site your IP address gets logged and many other blogs have a similar system.

The JLU seem to have lost sight of some of their goals, upholding the cornerstones of privacy and safety that are the cornerstones of civilisation in Second Life, for example. There is nothing wrong with talking to a Linden but for heaven’s sake, if someone is talking to you off the record then stick to that standard and don’t go sharing the conversation, even with your friends. I’ll happily talk to Lindens when they respond to me, I don’t share their emails to me, it’s tacky to do that unless they give permission.

At it’s heart the JLU appear to mean well, mentoring, charity drives, patrolling welcome areas and heaven knows they need some patrolling, I gave up going to welcome areas when Robin Linden was still here such was the dire state of affairs in a welcome area. However men in tights who appear to be on a power hungry trip and appear to be stepping over boundaries is not a healthy situation, it’s time for their leader, Kalel Venkman to show some leadership here, reign the crap in and apologise for the actions of the group, because some of the actions do need an apology, then they should re-group and get back to their founding principles, because right now they appear to be a long way off track.

Avril Korman has an excellent article with background and analysis on the situation, it’s well worth a read.


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  1. Um, Ciaran? What exactly does Kalel need to apologize for?

    I’m no supporter of the JLU and oppose vigilante groups.

    But you and Sluniverse and Avril are being played like violins by these griefers.

    There isn’t a case. Your invoking of Deadly’s case is bogus — he publicized his own RL/SL links and medical info. That’s the only instance there is.

    If you have a real case of privacy violation there, by all means, invoke it. But you don’t. Because it doesn’t exist.


    1. Oh look, the dumb ass c*nt has decided to show up and spout off on her bullshit.

      Hey Catherine? Remember how you bleat and bitch and whine and moan about people “outing” your information?

      Yeah, you don’t get to decide that it’s ok to use anyone else’s real life information you worthless c*nt.


      Your “logic”? Shot down by that ONE bit of bitching you’ve done. Not ok to use YOUR real life info? Then it’s not ok to use anyone else’s info either.

      End. Of. Story.

      1. I had to edit your comment slightly Sean due to the language, it ended up in my spam filter. I welcome free expression and am no stranger to coarse language myself but need to be mindful that minors might be reading the site and I have no maturity rating warning here.

  2. I have no time for griefers, the Deadly Codec issue went behind him posting links, posing as a concerned friend to confirm his death is going too far. There was no need for that.

    The sheer amount of information they store on people is going too far, they need to reign themselves back in and stick to reporting misdeeds when they see them. I read elsewhere they are making changes within JLU

    1. No, Ciaran.

      There isn’t any “posing as a concerned friend”. One role-player calling up the sister of another role-player. That’s all.

      This incident has been inflated beyond all proportions and it’s completely stupid. You are being played like a violin by griefers.

      BTW if that’s the *edited* version of Sean Williams/Solar Legion I’d hate to see the unedited version lol!

      1. Catherine, you will cease attempting to link any entity with me, as NO entity you know of IS me.

        By the by you worthless c*nt, I’m quite sick and tired of your utter bullshit and need to target individuals.

      2. Err no, the chat log surrounding the incident of whether Deadly Codec was on his deathbed shows they considered him an enemy, they were watching the Facebook pages of his relatives, they talked of independent verification at one point Kalel seems happy with the Facebook pages but then they went too far by contacting his sister, Deadly Codec was no friend of the JLU.

        GreenLantern Excelsior has not denied the contents of that leaked chat log, he commented on it over at SLU.

    1. The information is unfortunately lacking context, you guys admit some if it is real data, some of it edited to make it look worse than it seems and some of it completely fabricated, which Soft Linden confirmed in the Jira,

      However there’s nothing about what sort of data you do store, whether allegations that you store real and Second Life info is true, whether you pose as other people to cause real life problems as with the Woodbury allegation.

      As I said in the blog post, there are people whom you’ve thwarted who will be happy to embarrass you, but your actions so far are making that a very easy task for them. Go back to your core aims and get back on the noble track.

      1. There is no more real life or personal data in the JLU wiki. Everything that’s in there that’s about Second Life residents consists of Second Life information only.

        Do we put undercover alts in various groups? I know it has happened in the past. Do we have any now? I don’t know. Would I tell you if I did know? Nope! πŸ˜€

        Will the griefers try to cause problems for us? Yes – they always do. There’s nothing we can do to stop that.

        1. You know dear, in the BDSM world, we have a term for folks who speak that way, towards people they know can hurt them.

          “Smart Assed Masochist”

          But I do hope no-one is foolish enough to do more than wait and watch – you arrogant copyright violator and copyrighted intellectual property, you.

          You may wish to consult someone who’s arrogance is commensurate with their skills.

          It would make some interesting law – I’m not sure that I’ve heard of an avatar being subject to a takedown letter. But I am sure of one thing – you qualify neither as “fair use” nor as “parody.”

          …defender of Justice.

        2. Ah yes …. Bullshit.

          Want me to believe you? Provide unrestricted access to the database, the wiki, all change logs, all data logs, server logs and all other information so that it can all be compared and that it can be confirmed that these edits actually took place and do not exist elsewhere.

          Further, this information would need to affirm that nothing is being hidden from view, none of it taken down temporarily and ableto be recovered.

          But: You, nor your boss will do so or allow such.

          1. There are people who wouldn’t believe any evidence we provided, no matter how complete. They would always come up with another reason why we had hidden it, or temporarily moved it, or were lying in some other way. So you will just have to take our word for it, because it’s all you’re going to get.

  3. @GLE
    Isnt it nice, to be able to comment a blogarticle and tell the people your opinion and it doesnt get deleted?
    Wouldnt it be nice if that would be possible on krypton radio?
    Why do you act like a bunch of communists over there on your blog?

    Most of the proof for your wrongdoings was deliverd by your own wiki.
    That was confirmed by your own group.

    All we heard from you GLE so far was: bla bla bla, they are all against us, its all a lie, we cant prove shit but please believe us.

    Oh, and btw. that krypton radio article…. ive seen you have there a bunch of references to more kryptonratio articles. That looks like you are trying to clean the dog poo from your shoe by jumping into a barrel filled with liquid manure.

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