The Redzone Challenge

Whilst I still personally believe Redzone should be banned, for those who feel Redzone is an ethical tool, aimed solely at reducing the risk of grieifng and copybotting, I challenge them to do the ethical thing here and set aside a landing point that fully informs potential visitors and customers of their sims and stores of exactly what will happen with their data once they enter a Redzone enabled parcel.

One of the arguments set forth by Redzone users has been that those who oppose the system are copybotters, or people who want to grief, suggesting therefore that honest to goodness people will have no problem whatsoever with sharing the data that Redzone thrives upon. Therefore let’s put this to the test, inform people that the system will scan them, try to match them to alts, that the information can be retrieved by other Redzone users and that their alts can be revealed, if Redzone users are correct, the vast majority of people won’t mind at all, they’d also be seeking consent for use of the system, ticking an ethical usage box.

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Redzone, Privacy And Maturing Virtual Worlds

As Second Life evolves, new issues will arise and the recent rumpus about Redzone is one of those issues. The point with Redzone is that it scans you,without consent, without informing you that you are going to be scanned, there is no mention of what Redzone does with your data, there is no privacy policy with this device and that’s where we get into a bit of a sticky wicket.

Linden Lab so far have taken no action and to be fair to Linden Lab, how do they incorporate a policy to ban Redzone without making legitimate uses of IP addresses illegal too? Linden Lab move slowly on issues, very slowly, they could of course decide to just ban Redzone as they have in the past banned traffic gaming devices, but without a clear policy, enforcement becomes tricky when the next Redzone arrives. The starting point for Linden Lab’s policy of course lies with the terms of service.

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The issue of Time

Mitch Wagner has a blog post up where he explains why he doesn’t go inworld much these days. There is much that can be agreed with, Second Life is time consuming, the less you login, the less interaction you engage in and then when you do login, you wonder what to do.

Over at New World Notes Hamlet has a post on the subject, but inevitably these days seems to think Facebook is the answer, Facebook is not the answer here because the issue is one of time and convenience and whereas those who want quick and easy interaction may well prefer Facebook, that is not a solution for those who prefer 3D virtual worlds or MMORPG’s.

Where Hamlet and Mitch are both correct is with regard to Second Life being more time consuming than other options, however there is no one size fits all solution here because people who are prepared to commit time, want the feature rich experience virtual worlds like Second Life offer, you aren’t getting that from Facebook or Twitter.

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Slave is an adult keyword

The maturity rating nonsense goes on with Linden Lab steadfastly refusing to let us have a sensible dialogue about these issues. Last night I had an issue whereby the parcels on my sim were only showing under adult search, so I contacted Live Chat, who weren’t seeing the problem. Live chat was back to a good sense of support, the guy was extremely polite and went through the steps, I cleared cache as advised and my parcels were moderate again. However they weren’t moderate when I used the website search, I had to add the add filter to see them, although this later rectified itself.

However my classifieds were still being incorrectly flagged as adult, and Linden Lab have so far offered no help whatsoever here, so it’s down to residents to try and help each other, but if you try and do that on the Jira or the blogrum, Linden Lab may well remove your helpful advice, this is quite frankly absurd.

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