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8 Replies to “About”

  1. As an SL blogger, I’d like to send you a review copy of my book SBSL: Successful Business in Second Life, best practices. The caveat is that it is the iTunes iBooks version and requires an iPad (not iPhone, etc.).

    If you are interested, please email me so I can send you a redemption code that allows you to download it from the iTunes store at no charge. Information is here:

    (add the requisite “http” mumbo-jumbo to go there.

    Ron Andrade (Author.)
    “Sir Winston” (Statesman) in world.

  2. Hey Ciaran, I am reading your blog and I was wondering if you would be interested to come on over to Kitely some time to discuss the future of hypergrid sellling and virtual worlds. We at Kitely are very much in need of good and legal content but the content providers I speak with don’t know what Kitely is or are afraid of loosing there content to people that will copy without paying.

    We would be honored to get a few leading people from SL over to discuss the future. It would also be a good moment to explain why content providers should not be afraid and should join Kitely Marketplace. Joining doesnt mean leaving SL. Maybe you could bring some friends, content providers or merchants.

    We would be honored to have you over.

    Please contact Ilan Tochner at http://www.kitely.com/contact
    or Amiryu Hosoi in world SL or Kitely

    Kind regards,

    Amiryu Hosoi

    Hypergrid merchant

    1. I’m a big fan of Kitely and the only real issue I’ve had with embracing it so far has been time. I’ll hopefully catch up with you all soon.

  3. Would you please tell your readers about Relay for Life in Second Life? The kick off is March 8-9.

    Second Life raised $2,000,000 in USD last year for cancer research through this program.

    I would send you press releases but I’m not sure where to send them.
    Pam (Pammie Venkman in SL)

  4. Hi Ciaran, I’d like to email you a press release and information regarding the latest MadPea Game/Hunt, Blood Letters. Could you let me know the best email addy or drop me a line in SL?
    Many thanks

    Kess Crystal

  5. Hello,
    I think we have at least one mutual friend in Webspelunker Ghostraven. I have been traveling a lot this summer, but have returned and wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I admire your work! I’d enjoy getting acquainted.

    In-word in Second Life I’m Jerome Newstart.

    Hope to hear from you when you have time.


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