Taking a Fast Step Inside an Intel 8th Gen Processor In Sansar

Intel Inside Sansar

Linden Lab’s Sansar is still very much evolving, I’ve just been to a fashion community meeting, but we are also starting to see some very good use of the platform by business, in particular by Intel.

Their Step Inside Intel 8th Gen Core build in Sansar is a very interesting, very sci-fi feeling build that really gives you a good idea of how Sansar can be utilised.

The build itself gives you the opportunity, as the title suggests, to step inside an Intel 8th Gen Core processor.

CPU Cores

Once you get inside you sort of feel you are in a futuristic science fiction city, well I did anyway! This isn’t the aim of the build of course.

This is also one of the first builds I’ve seen in which I wish I had a VR headset because I would imagine it’s absolutely awesome when viewed in VR.

The build is also informative, you see the layout of a processor, cores, memory, graphics and more.

Inside Intel Processor

There’s also some information scattered around, information that isn’t too technical and gives you some insight into what the parts of a processor do.

Memory Controller

One of the things that struck me about this build is that it’s a build that demonstrates how builds in Sansar can be temporary, this flexibility will appeal to those who run campaigns or events.

Another thing that struck me is how immersive the build felt, Intel and Linden Lab have done a good job here.

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