Second Life Places Pages Now Unrestricted Access

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Linden Lab yesterday announced that Places Pages have moved from the beta stage to being available to all landowners :

Place Pages are Linden-hosted web pages every SL location listed in Search, which landowners can customize and make their own. These pages make it easier to discover great places in SL and give Residents another way to promote their destinations.

This is a useful addition to the website and Linden Lab also inform us that some of these pages will soon be discoverable via search engines such as google.

If you want to go to a Place Page click this link for The Pen.

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People visiting the Page will be able to visit this location in Second Life by clicking the visit this location link.

Owners of parcels available in search can edit the description and add images, for further details on this please visit the knowledge base article. That is a really important link as it provides landowners with instructions of how to setup their page.

Being greedy, I’d like to see these pages become more useful, such as having at the very least, a featured event listing if events are going to be held on the parcel. I would also like to see a destination guide style create ad widget option so that people can add a nice link in a blog.

Changes will be made to these pages in the future Linden Lab inform us :

Moving forward, we’ll be continuing to improve Place Pages with more user-facing features, so stay tuned!

That is encouraging and there are a couple of ways for providing feedback already, one is via a forum thread and the other, where you should report bugs, is the Jira.

This feature is in its early days, but there’s a lot of potential here and I would urge landowners to use tools such as this, if only just to be able to link to a pretty nifty page for their land when tweeting or linking in blog posts.

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