AcousticEnergy Nitely

AE n Jez“I will hold you like a melody;
Sing each word into your soul;
Breathing in your skin, you speak to me;
And I cry”

I’ve seen and heard AcousticEnergy Nitely perform before, but recently I was able to go listen and watch AE “let his hair down” for lack of a better way to describe his show that night….A friend tp’d me to where AE was singing and the first thing I saw pop on my screen was “Ae has the most sexiest voice in sl” (copy, pasted).  So, being the woman I am…..of course I paid close attention.  I heard this sweet male voice….with just a hint of an accent (Scottish, I believe) and decided to save the rest of this commentary until I finished the interview, which follows.

AcousticEnergy Nitely first started messing with music and the guitar as a teenager.  He would strum a 12 string Yamaha guitar that belonged to his buddy, Rob Wier, and listen to the sounds he could make.  His mother put on lay-a-way, his first 6 string Honer guitar which, with the help of his friend Rob, he learned to play basic guitar.  AE was into writing poetry at this point in his life and though he may not have known it at the time, had started his song writing career also.   Such originals as Rise and Breathe On Me
AE performing

Being extremely shy about the talent he was exploring, he would pretend (yes PRETEND) to sing badly, off key, etc. to hide his own abilities and he didn’t want others to feel badly about their own performances.  As his talent grew his shyness stayed basically the same.  He does few live gigs in 1st life, yet fills almost all of his free time with live gigs in 2nd Life.

AE started singing virtually in Skype…His friends, Jack Dogg Snook Australian and Ozzie Blackburn brought him into SL. He enjoys the cozy settings and the relaxed feel that virtual singing allows a person.   Although, AE has been in SL for 3 years he was not into Second Life “LIFE”, till he learned he could sing in SL as well, which was in July of 2008.

When you go to see and hear AE perform you will notice his unique style of singing to the crowd.  He is an outrageous flirt for a shy person, but he does it in song.   He enjoys bringing the crowd into his verses, and makes you feel like you are the only person in the room even as he moves on to the next “only person”.  He has this innate ability of reaching into your soul and pulling at your heartstrings, bringing forward a plethera of emotions as you feel the stories he tells with his song.  He loves to sing ballads, soft songs, and cozy settings.  Though, if there is nervousness with a larger crowd, he covers it well.
I had the good fortune to hear AE with his son, ItFactor, perform at Sweet Whispers one night as It, wowed the audience and the audience was able to hear (because ItFactor forgot to turn off the mic) “WoW dad you really liked it?“.  It was one of those moments which we, as an audience, were able to share with AE, the pride a father has in his son.  I asked AE what he was feeling while watching his son make his debut in SL and he said, “I was very excited….  My son comes into my studio, he sits in my chair, using my mic, my headset, singing on the same stage… was a moment.

AcousticEnergy Nitely is all about moments.  When you go to one of his shows, his goal is for you to walk away with a moment that is memorable.  He can only do so much as an artist….but he wants us, the audience, to embrace the moments he shares with us.

ItFactor, will be making his own solo debut February 10th at Kenzie’s, at 9pm.  If you would like to see AcousticEnergy perform live, his February calendar is below.  If you would like to book him you can book him through “Spiritfire Entertainment” or contact Sher Salmson, directly, for booking information.

Listen to Acoustic Energy sing “I Fall Into You” on YouTube.

In closing, I would like to finish my commentary on AE.  He is by far, one of the nicest people I have had the honor to speak with, in any life.  Usually it is my job to make someone feel comfortable, but he went out of his way to make sure I did.  His love and pride in all of his children is such a joy to see, and each moment he is in your presence you feel enriched.  If you haven’t heard this man before then you are most definitely missing out.  If you get the chance to get to know him…take it.  It is a “moment” you won’t regret.

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AcousticEnergy Nitely’s February schedule is as follows:

Feb 10th Pango Pango 6PM and Kenzie’s 8PM
Feb 11th Under The Willows 7PM
Feb 12th Metaverse TV 3PM and Sweet Whispers 8PM
Feb 14th Sweet Whispers 6PM
Feb 17th Pango Pango 6PM and Kenzie’s 8PM
Feb 19th Key West 8PM
Feb 20th Crystal Gardens 6PM
Feb 24th Pango Pango 6PM and Kenzie’s 8PM
Feb 25th Under The Willows 7PM
Feb 27th Army One Source
Feb 28th Sweet Whispers 6PM

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