Versu Goes Undercover

So yesterday myself and Inara Pey both blogged about Linden Lab’s forthcoming title of Versu. After digging around the official website, we found some information about the title. However it would appear that the information we blogged about wasn’t quite ready for public consumption because, the links to the information relating to the content, have now been removed!

Is this a scurrilous plot? Is this part of the mystery? Did some poor Linden get too many emails? Did someone get overexcited with their links? They would have got away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky kids!

I don’t know why the information has been removed, all I’m saying is, Inara Pey started it all by telling me where the website is in the first place, it wasn’t me Guv, honest!

So, forget everything you’ve heard about Versu and await information from Linden Lab at some point in the future, as the accidentally found information may prove to be wildly inaccurate. However whether it’s accurate or not, it was information about their product, no such thing as bad publicity and all that ….. .. clutch at those straws Laval!

I’m innocent in all this, I’m telling you! The best thing for now is to note that Versu is coming soon.

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