SLCC 2012 Looks Like It Will Be Just Like Blizzcon 2012

The Second Life Community Convention has been fraught with controversy in years gone by, although it has also been a roaring success, take a look at last year’s event here. Alas this year it looks like the drama, criticism and lack of support from Linden Lab and the wider Second Life Community has finally took its toll.

Fleep Tuque has a long and informative post about the hazaards of organising the Second Life Community Convention, this comes in light of the news that Avacon won’t be organising the event this year.

Fleep points out that the organisers were chewed out for not making the convention more like Blizzcon, well it looks like this SLCC 2012 will be exactly like Blizzcon 2012, because Blizzcon is cancelled this year, but will be back in 2013, will SLCC? I think something may have been lost in humour there, I doubt that anyone at Linden Lab seriously expected an event like Blizzcon, but maybe they hoped for an event that would involve musicians, meetings and fun? Blizzcon has a massive budget so I don’t really think that criticism was intended to come across as bluntly as it sounds.

Fleep also points out that organisers were left feeling jaded due to criticism, this will have been in many forms, there has been criticism over prices, venues, dates, choice of hotel etc. in the past. However this is part and parcel of organising an event, people will always be critical, the way to answer them is to organise a successful event and from what I’ve read of SLCC in the past, they were largely successful but there seems to have been a competiton in values too regarding whether it should be a convention or a conference.

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