Geeks and Nerds Make The Digital World Go Around For All

Sometimes you read a blog post somewhere and decide it’s time to unleash the army of darkness on the author, I should add at this point that my army of darkness includes Elves. However sometimes you decide it’s best to refrain from abusing your powers as an evil drow wizard just because someone had the temerity to write an article.

Which brings me to an article over at WhatCulture! The article in question is GAMING VS LIFE: The Noob’s Guide to Escapism… by Brad Fear, which covers World Of Warcraft, Second Life and drunken nights in the pub and the potential aftermath, it also covers Star Wars: The Old Republic, for which I’m not in the beta testing, although I wish I was!

Part of the reason that I have decided not to unleash The Kraken on the author is because I find the article amusing! Lucky for him hey, it does play on some stereotypes, but that’s part of the fun, we can’t always get all disgusted of Tunbridge Wells over articles.

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Xiola Linden Checks In As Communities Rep

Whilst there has been a lot of talk of the departure of Kim Linden this week, and some of it seems grossly unfair from where I sit, there has been little talk of a new arrival on the scene Xiola Linden, pronounced “Zigh-oh-la” who was introduced and then greeted with “Aloha” at the recent Adult Content User Group Meeting.

Xiola has the tough remit of being involved with communities, which makes me wonder if she’s Blondin’s replacement, if she is, good luck, that’s a tough act to follow, although Blondin seemed to be absurdly overstretched in his role when he was here.

Xiola is a bit of an oldbie and during her introduction informed people: “I am looking forward to the many community opportunities there are here in SL and have been off and on SL since its early days of 2003.”

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Using Convex Hull To Lower Land Impact

Due to recent advances it’s quite possible to create builds, or modify your old builds and drastically reduce your land impact (prim count) score. This doesn’t require mesh, but it does require you change the physics shape of your prims from prim to Convex Hull and be warned, there are some gotchas with this, if you’re not using cube prims, then your land impact score could actually go up, so tread carefully. There’s also the issue of scripts, but we’ll come to that later.

So we start with my work in progress build:

Work In Progress Build

This weighs in at 19 prims currently, I’ll lower that during this process. The build is 28 x 28 top floor and 26 x 26 ground floor. Already I’m able to make savings because Linden Lab now allow us to create larger prims natively in the viewer, all of this can be done inworld with the inworld tools.

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Drow Kiss Of Death?

Hmm I’m getting worried about this now, Hamlet has informed us that Kim Linden has left Linden Lab, largely it seems due to having to commute from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Kim was rather quiet as VP of Marketing, but came from a background of having worked in the gaming industry, I bumped into Kim at the Valentine event earlier in the year:

Ciaran and Kim Linden

Kim’s dodgy looking hair is due to the lag! That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. As Kim was so quiet, it’s hard to know exactly what she achieved in her time at Linden Lab, but there have been improved marketing initiatives during her time here.

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