An Interview With Paisley Beebe

Paisley Beebe is the host of the highly successful “Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe” hosted by SLCN.TV, in a role reversal I arranged an email interview with Paisley so we could hear her views on Second Life and associated concepts. Paisley offered up some insightful views and put me right on a few issues, we discussed not only Paisley’s show but issues about Second Life as a whole including lag, merging grids, performance fees as well as touching upon dyslexia, a RL recognition of Paisley Beebe at a museum in Melbourne, Australia and much more, we’ll start with Paisley giving us a little background on Tonight Live and SLCN:

Paisley Beebe: “In Australia I am now just another Jazz Singer without work, (economics and lack of venues) 18 years ago there was a resurgence in Jazz in Australia, and I had lots and regular work as much as I wanted really, but due to Govt regulations and economics the venues all closed down, and all even the best of us have lost our livelihood here. As a Singer really I’m not exceptional, I’m professional, good at what I do, very entertaining but not so exceptional that people are knocking down doors to get to me, (mind you there is almost no one in jazz in Australia getting that treatment!) I’m also a trained Actress that never got off the blocks, and a host on a small community radio station, but for a number of personal reasons my dreams and ambitions never came to fruition, in music or in Acting. I have no illusions that I have had a lot of false starts! and like a lot of women, family intervened and not in a usual way, (very complicated family life…don’t ask). But now that I do have time to have a career (kids at school, family life less complicated..) I can!!, without being told I’m too old, not right for the part, don’t have the right connections, or asked to give up time with my family for travel, or work hours. I do have a demanding family life and many of us do because of various things, and so working from home in SL fits in very nicely. Continue reading “An Interview With Paisley Beebe”