Pay Some Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain

The battle of the viewers seems to be hotting up, with Oz Linden set in the role of Sauron according to some, but recent comments from Oz have been bang on the money. Tateru Nino reports that Oz said if third party viewers don’t keep up, things will break. This is a perfectly sensible comment and one developers of third party viewers should welcome. There are also quotes of Oz saying that Linden Lab will look into what motivates people to stay with a viewer 1.x experince, again, this is perfectly sensible step, I’m not sure why Oz is getting such a walloping over this.

The back of my thighs are killing me, I had to do some weeding yesterday, this has nothing to do with Oz! This getting old malarkey is no fun, your recovery time nosedives. However getting back to viewers, I think what frustrates people about Oz’s comment on the viewer 1 issue is, it has been going on since viewer 2 went open beta!

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Will Mesh Finally Make A Decent Viewer 2 Sales Pitch?

KirstenLee Cinquetti, Third Party Viewer developer extraordinaire, makes an appeal on her blog for people to switch over to viewer 2:

Now comes an appeal. Things are getting to a point where I suspect mesh will very shortly arrive onto the grid along with lots of new features. I strongly believe some will appear in the next development cycle. There is one problem.. 1.23 based clients! The whole deal is being right royally hampered and delayed by the insistence in keeping this client alive.

I honestly do not care what your viewer preference may be.. But I really implore you to switch to V2 based solutions (even if this causes some pain). Firestorm, Kokua, daveP’s funk special, it does not matter, the sooner the better. See the world with my eyes!”

Viewer 2 has since its inception been given a frosty welcome, and this goes back to the closed beta period, as the leaked feedback that made its way to The Alphaville Herald revealed. The simple fact of the matter is that Viewer 2 has been unloved, will Mesh change that?

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Consumers Count

A copule of issues continue to raise their heads, viewer 2 and camping being the ones on my mind right now, well getting to the pub for a lunchtime pint and watching a bit of footie are at the forefront of my mind but that will happen shortly.

There’s a thread on the blogrums asking if the camping ban should be lifted and there’s a deliberately provocative open letter to viewer 2 haters, from Aeonix Aeon in the form of a blog post over at The Andromeda Group blog.

Let’s start with the camping ban, we’ll never know if the camping ban has had an impact on the economy, people don’t analyse the statistics enough to prove whether there has been an impact one way or another. Camping was however one way for people to earn Linden dollars and I would imagine most of those Linden dollars were used to either buy items or pay rent, I definitely know people who used camping money for rent. The issues of camping were of course related to traffic wars and morphed into bot wars where people would have bots on their land 24/7 to artificially inflate their traffic score and get a leg up in the search stakes. Continue reading “Consumers Count”