Nov 042012


An Image Should Be Here

So there appear to have been some technical issues overnight, which are continuing, unscheduled inventory maintenance has been followed by unscheduled login maintenance. When I try to login to the main Second Life website I get the message above, a plain white screen with the word Failed, at the top left. This is actually a rather user friendly message that tells me all I need to know, basically, something is borked. However it’s not as much fun as the old gorillas with hammers image that used to appear, it’s still a to the point message.

However a point worth noting is that outages of this length and bumpiness are infrequent these days, their service has improved a lot, but sometimes things still go tits up. Older residents have more experinece of problems, I arrived in 2007, when once a week there would be scheduled downtime and then lots of people trying to login at the same time when the grid was supposed to be backup, followed by a flood of forum posts complaining it still wasn’t back, in between posts along the lines of “I’m back in! neener neener! At times that could get quite funny. However as I said, things have improved over the years.

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