Weird Traffic Bug Causing Unwarranted Angst

A forum thread, then a Jira entry, arguing, accusations, pointing of fingers, yes it’s a hoo-ha over traffic being broken in Second Life. The bizarre part here is that the person whom actually created the forum thread to open this can of worms, appears to have been getting higher than expected traffic figures in the first place!

Traffic is generally believed to be the combined number of minutes avatars  spend on a parcel in a 24 hour period. Therefore one avatar not moving for 24 hours should record a score of 1440. This isn’t an exact science, there are tweaks and allowances and some voodoo…. allegedly, plus traffic scores only get updated once a day.

The issue seems to be that traffic scores inworld aren’t getting updated, indeed they’re declining at a rate of knots.

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Traffic Strikes Back – Revenge Of The Bots!

I’m not sure how long this has been going on for, but I’ve only noticed it today, I’ve also only noticed today a link to create classifieds that I thought had disappeared, so I may not have had my Sherlock Holmes like powers of observation on lately!

Anyway, it’s back … in places search at least, Traffic is rearing its head:

Searching places by Traffic order

Beware of Bots bearing gifts!

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Is Traffic About To Become Relevant Again?

Wade1 Jya over on The Merchants Roundtable (private forum so you may not have access) has pointed out that some new icons have appeared in search, that could well be an indicator that traffic may well gain some relevancy again. The icons have three symbols that seem to indicate whether a sim place is active, popular or busy, although I am yet to see any places with two out of the three icons lit up.

What are you talking about Ciaran? I hear you ask, well in search on the latest viewer you will see on some listings (a minority) things like this:

active location in Second Life

popular location in Second Life

Busy location in Second Life

What qualifies a place as active, popular or busy? I have no idea!

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Burn The Witches

The discussions on the future of traffic have raised some important issues, highlighted scalability and created a great new scapegoat: camping.

The discussions seem to suggest that camping is the most heinous event in the Second Life World. Forget griefing, forget obscenity, forget extreme violence, forget ageplay, camping is the number one evil.

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