The Garden Gets Message Of The Day Boost

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Garden Message Of The Day

So I was trying to download the http project viewer, I have no idea what this project viewer entails. On attempt 876 it finally downloaded, well it wasn’t quite that bad but I’m having ISP issues. I ran it and couldn’t login, but I don’t know if this is due to the project viewer not working or whether it’s my ISP.

However I did notice thatThe Garden is now getting publicity on the message of the day, do they still call it message of the day? I took a look at The Garden here.

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Round And Round The Garden

I was handed a bloggers pack for The Garden, I beg your pardon, thought I, but thought I’d take a look anyway. The Garden is an interactive puzzle game brought to Second Life by Grace McDunnough, Trav Rexen and Salome Strangelove.


The basic aim of the game is to collect clues from Guardians and Artifacts and work out what sins they were guilty of and what penance they served for it. This sounds more complicated written down than it actually is, you get a Hud with which you can elimiate certain guardians from sins and penance until you’re left with the only suitable answers, well as long as you’ve paid attention to the clues that is!

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