Extending The Marketplace

The Second Life Marketplace has a rule that only digital goods that are intended for use within Second Life can be sold on the Second Life Marketplace. I think LL need to look at this again and encourage other kind of content to be sold via their marketplace. I’m sure there are legal issues that would need to be ironed out, but with a list of carefully selected partners, LL could offer some items that aren’t digital only.

What are you talking about Ciaran? I hear one of you ask, well put it this way, I’m going to use Adobe as an example again, purchasing Adobe Photoshop from the Second Life Marketplace might well be something people want to do, they come to Second Life, they want to create, they learn that Adobe Photoshop is a useful tool, they purchase Adobe Photoshop from the marketplace, Linden Lab get commission and Bob’s yer uncle!

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